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Ghosts..do you believe?

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Have you had any spooky things happen to you? Do you believe in ghosts? Tell us your story!!!!!
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I have alot of stories. my husband seems to atracked ghosts.

Very long stories made short!

When we bought our house we began taking all the orginal stuff out and redoing it. Daily tools would be missing, stuff would be put back, and things would fall and hit use when we were working. After we had a talk with the house it stopped happening.

Our dog misty sometimes plays with noone. She will jump up and down and start wagging her tail for no reason...well that is the ghost that lives in the chicken coop.

one day we were looking out of our kitchen window, we saw a man standing in the garage, rich ran out there and he vanished!

When we first bought the house we were check out the chicken coop. there was a ton of old trash in there. We were on one side and we heard something fall! We went to inspect what it was and there was an old metal box with two passports from german 1928 and 1929. the previous owners of this would were jewish. I'll see if I still have pics of the passports on the computer.

Latly I have been feeling a cat rub next to me leg and when I look down no kitties are around. I really think it is isadora.

When hubby goes any place with where there is a dog that dog reacts to him like they would if he had a dog with Him. We think that the dog he tried to rescue that passed away stays with him always.

that is a few!

so do I beleave in ghost! YESSSSSSS!!

I don't see the pics of the passports on here but I will take new ones shortly and post. they have the nazi symbol and big red J's on them. they are very haunting. Story goes the man was on his way to a camp and the buss tipped over and they all escaped!
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Yes, I believe. I lived in an old house in Augusta, GA, and ther was something there that did not like me. It would knock stuff over at night , and when we would turn on the lights to see what happened, only my stuff would be knocked over. The bathroom was right off the kitchen, and when I would soak in the tub, something would open and close the refrigerator. It would always be when I was home alone. We had a bunch of people over one evening, and my motorcycle helmet was sitting on the mantle. It flew off and landed between my feet, like someone had slapped it. Sometning would scratch behind the wall by my head at night. I lived ther for 2 years, and this went on the whole time.
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I believe, but I've never had any experiences before and you guys are scaring me!
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I believe! When I was about to enter 8th grade we moved to a new house and we had a ghost named Mable Brown. She had died in the house many years before. We still recieved mail for her and there was one room that you could just feel was hers - the room was always cold and eerie feeling no matter the weather outside - you could feel a pressence.
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I was sceptical about ghosts until I was in my early twenties. At the time, my sister and brother-in-law rented an old farmhouse in the Pocono Mts. (the part of the Appalachians in PA). We used to visit sometimes on weekends, usually taking our dogs with us. The dogs used to freak out, and all of us (sister, b-i-l, hubby and brother, too), would hear someone walking around, and see drawers and cabinets being opened and closed. My b-i-l was Jewish, and he had rabbis from N.Y. come down to investigate. They decided the house was haunted, and performed a ceremony, which had no effect. My sister had been raised Catholic, and she had priests stay there, and perform an exorcism. Again, no effect, so they moved out. The owner of the house then told them that he was surprised that they had lived there almost a year, because most tenants only stayed days or weeks! The house has meanwhile been ripped down.
I work in an old building, and up until last September the school was confined to the ground floor. We needed more room, and my boss managed to rent the third floor, which has always had a high tenant turnover. We soon found out why. We have a poltergeist up there, who loves to make tea kettles, erasers, jackets, etc., disappear, and delights in standing board markers upright in corners. I found it disturbing at first, but now I think it's amusing rather than menacing. In February the zipper on my coat got stuck, and I had to struggle with it. I managed to crawl out of the coat, threw it on a hook in the hallway, and figured I'd deal with it later. When I was finished class, I found the coat neatly hung up with the zipper open.
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Originally posted by jcat
In February the zipper on my coat got stuck, and I had to struggle with it. I managed to crawl out of the coat, threw it on a hook in the hallway, and figured I'd deal with it later. When I was finished class, I found the coat neatly hung up with the zipper open.
Did you say thank you? Gee, I need a ghost like that...
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@Willie WZ - yes, I did. It was a relief not having to deal with it myself.
At this point, another colleague and I are the only ones who will open up the rooms in the morning and lock things up after school. The kids won't enter the rooms or stay up there unless a teacher is present. Some of the teachers freak out when the clocks (all radio-controlled) start whizzing around, or when the windows are opened as soon as they turn their backs. We don't know how old the building is, but straw was used as insulation in the walls, so it must be pretty old. Most records were destroyed during WWII, when Stuttgart was heavily bombed.
The ghost, or whatever it was in my sister's house, seemed malevolent, and scared the h out of me, but our poltergeist appears to be simply mischievous. So yes, I definitely believe in ghosts.
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We moved to Florida and lived there from the time I was 10 until I turned 18. We lived in a house there that my parents bought. I know it was haunted as the ghost seemed to enjoy playing tricks on me. One especially cold morning as I lay half awake some one slowly pulled the covers from under my chin down to the end of the bed.
Another time I woke up and hraed someone in the living room coming toward the hall. My bedroom was the first door off the hallway so I was hiding next to the door waiting to scare the tar out of who ever walked past my door. The footsteps stopped just before getting to my door... I figured Mom or Sis were lighting up a cigarette and held my breath. I strained my ears to hear and sound and there was nothing. I slowly peeked around the door jamb and NO ONE was there. I walked through the whole house and it was locked tight and Mom and Sis were sleeping. Ha I could just imagine the ghost chuckliing as it thought Who is going to scare who?? LOL
After we had been there awhile my brother was born. He would laugh at blank walls and reach for someone no one else could see. Once he was cryiing and my sister said "If there is a ghost I wish they would shut him up!" He stopped crying within seconds.
Oujie Boards would work too well in this house. My sister got irratated that it was moving too slow so she yelled at it to hurry up and the indicator shot across the room. I refused to touch it after that.
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
Latly I have been feeling a cat rub next to me leg and when I look down no kitties are around. I really think it is isadora
My son and I have both had similiar experiences. It will be two years next month that the vet came to our home to put our 14-year-old cat, Midnight, to sleep. Since then, we have both occasionally felt something about the size of a cat lightly touch our legs, and it isn't Snowball. And at the same time that we feel this touch, Snowball will stare intently at something that is right beside us, and then he will seem to be watching something while it moves away. My son and I really want to say this is just our imagination, but we can't because of Snowball's reaction.
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I believe. I have not experienced anything like any of the stories on here, but all three of my cats will stare at this one corner of my bedroom for hours w/o moving, I have cleaned the area and searched it (it is only a corner) and I can not figure out what is there Ginger has been doing it since we move in and whenever we get a new one they follow right along. Also sometimes, and only when I am home alone or in the room by myself the TV will turn itself off. I even check every time to make sure it is not one of the cats or ferrets sitting on the remote or anything, but that never is the case. Creepy.
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Yes, I believe in ghosts. I’m a research scientist, and many people can’t understand why I believe what I do. But I’ve had two strange experiences that I can’t explain. The first happened when I lived off campus my junior year of college in a townhouse community. Our next door neighbors insisted that their house was haunted-they’d hear footsteps walking down the staircase and would hear the front door open and shut (in all the homes the front door was at the bottom of the staircase leading to the second floor). Their dog would follow and bark at something unseen. Well, I thought it was a joke until one night, when I stayed up late and sat in our kitchen (at the front of the house next to the front door and the staircase) writing in my journal. I kept on seeing a flashing red light out of the corner of my eye. I thought I was seeing the brake lights of a car pulling into our parking lot, but when I looked out the kitchen window I didn’t see anyone in the parking lot. Then, I looked at one of the light fixtures in the ceiling of the kitchen, the one I hadn’t turned on. We had had a party the weekend before, and one of my guy roommates thought it would be fun to put a red light in that light fixture. As I looked, the red light flashed on and off, on and off. I got really cold and felt I something telling me I shouldn’t be there anymore. I finished off what I was writing in my journal as quickly as possible and went to bed. That was the only experience I had in the house, although later I learned that all of my roommates had strange, unexplainable things happen to them too.

I’ve had one interesting experience in my present apartment. The building was built in 1926, and had medical offices as well as apartments. The first floor consists of shops, and sticks out further in the back than the second floor, where the apartments start and where I live. So, in effect, every second floor apartment in the back has a large balcony. One afternoon, I was watching a movie and had shut the curtains in my living room and kitchen, to cut down on the sun glare. All of the sudden, I saw a shadow pass across the living room and into the kitchen. At first, I thought someone was on the roof, walking around. I went to the window to look out, and no one was there. The only other explanation was that someone had walked through my apartment between the windows and where I was sitting to cast that shadow. I was a little freaked out, and walked into my bedroom, where the shadow seemed to have started. When I walked in, I smelled a very strong odor of perfume, one that I didn’t recognize and one that I don’t wear.
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that's me...
so i keep an open mind just to be safe
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I believe, too. A few years ago, I was at a friend's house for a Christmas party. I was alone in the kitchen, when I felt someone behind me. I always know when someone is behind me or watching me. I turned around, but nobody was there. Needless to say, I hurried out to join the rest of the party. My friend later told us that he thought his house was haunted.
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i believe in ghosts.

my most vivid experiences with ghosts have been in my old workplace. I live in a town close to many civil war battles and a lot of people say that many people died on the grounds which stores were eventually built. I don't know if that has anything to do with it but it kinda makes sense I guess.

So many things have happened there. It was a restaurant and we went thru a period where we tried out being open until 4 AM to catch the bar crowd.. Well no one ever really came, so it would just be me and another girl alone. It wasn't bad because we'd play the radio at full blast and just sit and talk, but sometimes some weird stuff happened.

Sometimes it sounded like someone was pounding on the roof, and sometimes it sounded like someone was pounding from the inside of the freezer door. Sometimes things went on and off for no reason. Once I was headed out at like 12 and was changing in the back and when I took my shirt off all these pans flew off the shelf and hit against the wall. They joked that I got the ghost excited. One time I was all alone washing dishes and I heard whispering but the other woman with me went to take out the trash so there was no one there. One time I was talking to another coworker and I heard a man's voice say "You're a liar" but there was no one there but me and her. We had security cameras and late at night if you looked at them sometimes you would see outlines of faces.. It was WEIRD. One time a little boy came to order something and I never heard a door open or anything and I just started SCREAMING my head off, but he was real lol.. Little kid ghosts scare me the most..
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Wow, all you guys have had such frightning experiences.

I have never personally had one but I still beleive in ghosts. My Nana has had many experiences, let me share a few.

She had a beautiful blue-cream persian kitten that done really well in the shows, she lived in a place called Sampson in Auckland(NZ) and she lived in a house where a man had died(more about that in the next story). This was a really happy kitten and was never allowed outside nor did she go outside, one day Nana was calling for her and she didn't come , they searched the house and the property, they had a cupboard they had never been in, they belive it somehow 'swalloed her up' because the kitten used to always run as if some'thing' was chasing her, they never saw her again.

The house that Nana,Grandad,my Father and his 2 siblings lived in was a deceased house, they brought it really cheap because a man had died in the bath there, they could never use the bath because every time they entered it they felt like something was already in there
, so they had to have a shower installed .

At the same house, Nana knew the man that lived there before he died, he absoultely hated 1 type of tree(can't remember the type) and he would never plant them in his garden. When Nana moved in she planted this tree and the same day they were going off for a holiday , so they locked their property up and then 2 days later they came back and found the trees had been dug up, and the house was all open.

Those are the scary stories I know!

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