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Well since it's a Holiday......

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What are your plans for the day? I guess I will be working on the house again since we took a much needed weekend off last weekend from construction

Jeez will the construction ever end We have been working on it since Janruary. Soon(I hope) to have a finished bathroom and kitchen.

I want to go somewhere
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No plans really..just taking the kids up to the mall to watch the fireworks tonight, and that will be it.....I just never look towards all the traffic though afterwards..that will be our excitement for the day I am sure..
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We got groceries, this morning and Bill has a slab of ribs, for the grill.

I went to Target and got a couple of sling chairs, because I don't want to sit on the truck bed, tonight. I'm not as well-padded, as I used to be and that bed is HARD.

While at Target, I found a gorgeous purple lamp, with a faux suede shade. I wish they had had two - they would look great in our bedroom. Hopefully, I can find one, at another store. It was only $7.99. Naturally, I HAD to buy this one, though. For now, its in the living room and the cats have been ordered NOT to knock it over.

Browsed the baby department, too. Nothing looked appealing, there. I'm sure that the twins have enough clothes, to get them through the summer, anyway. I've got my eye on couple of cute velvet and faux fur outfits, for Christmas, though.

I am also in need of a short, white slip. Target had NO slips. Am I the only woman, in town, who still wears slips? Oh, well, there's always WalMart. I KNOW that they have slips.

Have a good Fourth, all!
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I got up and spent some time with the neighbor. Always entertaining. Put clean sheets on the bed and did some laundry. Ran to the store, got some videos, some groceries and some beer. Came home watched the gangs of NY and we're now watching 'trapped' with kevin bacon while eating frozen pizza.

aren't we exciting???
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My daughter took all the kids to a bar b que. Hubby and I are home alone!!! Yipee!
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My hubby is working and I was supposed to go to a wedding reception, but I only know the bride and one other person that was going to be there so I only stayed about 45 minutes, now I am at my mothers house watching her dogs while she is out of town and I am drinking Mike's Hard Cranberry lemonade all by myself w/ the radio cranked up as loud as it will go. I swear I am such a loser! lol.
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I;m working on assignments for my linguistics class. Fun, fun, fun. I did take a break to watch Gangs of New York--I really liked it, and I'm not a big Leonardo DiCaprio fan, but I have to say he's a good actor.

I plan to go see fireworks on Sunday, there's always a really good show at one of the parks here in Lancaster.

Dan has to work until tomorrow morning, so I plan to get a lot done on my classwork. My calss ends next week, and I don't have a lot of time during the week to do everything, since I'm also teaching summer school. Not my best 4th of July, but that's ok, I had fun last weekend, and have some fun plans next.
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I didn't really care much for GONY but I know I'm in the minority. It was just way too violent for me. I can't stomach the blood.

We just watched trapped and it was ok. swimfan is on right now.
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I likes swimfan, I went out and bought it. Trapped was good and i have not seen gangs of NY yet
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AP, it was pretty violent, that's why I like the fast forward button. I'm not much on violence either. I thought the film was interesting from a historical perspective, and I really like Daniel Day-Lewis, although he was really nasty in this movie.
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that opening scene was a killer, no pun intended! It was very interesting from the historical point of veiw but I just couldn't get past the gore.

we've also got 'darkness falls' left to watch.

anyone seen that? Is it any good?
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Darkness falls is scary, My opinion anyways, everyone that I have talked to about it said it was not scary but it scared me, I don;t want to say too much and give it away!! (If you all can't tell, I am a movie buff also, they are my next favorite thing besides cats)
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I hear it's scary from the folks I know who have seen it. I love movies as well but we seem to go through spurts here, either going all time or in a dry spell.

I can't wait to see LXG & Pirates of the carribean, both which open this coming week!! Whee!
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me too, I also want to go and see legally blonde 2. Although my favorite are horror movies. I will tell you that during Darkness Falls I was at the theater and I was curled up in a ball on the seat and would not put my feet on the floor until the movie was over! lol.
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