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Kitty is paralysed

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I wonder if any of you have experience with this kind of problem.

I have a seven month old Burmese girl who was spayed on the 16th May. Since then I have had constant trouble with her. Firstly the wound became very infected and I had to clean it every day and put Furex lotion inside her. Then she broke her tail (I have no idea how she did this). Then she just wasn't perking up and in early June I took her to a different vet who diagnosed peritonitis (not FIP). He gave her antibiotics to which she responded. Two nights ago, I came home, and her tummy was swollen again and she cried whenever I touched her. I took her straight to the emergency vet, she had a slight temp, and they gave her an anti-biotic and pain killer. This had dramatic results and she was well. The emergency vet however, wanted her to have an ultrasound and blood tests to see what was causing the recurrent problems. Yesterday, I came back from work and her back legs seem to be totally useless. Not quite paralysed as she can seem to move them but she cannot bear any weight on them and she was dragging herself around the house by her front paws. Not in any pain though. Nevertheless, she had a scheduled appt for the blood tests and the vet looked her over, checked for deep pain reflexes - says thay all seem in order. Nothing strange is coming back from the blood tests either. I had to take her for an ultrasound this morning and they did x-rays instead (?) and have found a spinal problem but want me to come and see them about it. I am panic stricken! Has anyone got any ideas?
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Holy Cow! Your poor cat! I have no ideas for you, but wanted to give you my support during this time of great stress. I feel so bad for you and your cat.

My thoughts are with you.
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Shadow, please post about your cat here:

Help for Cats

In the Feline Health Forum. The forum is staffed by retired vets, vet techs and and cat rescuers
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I just wanted to offer my support as well. How sad and frustrating. Please keep us posted on her condition.
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Hi there

After a terrible day on Friday, things are looking great today. It seems that my kitty had a congenital spinal defect and her disks had collapsed. The vet said that they would perform a mylogram on her - basically put dye through her veins to see how bad the damage was - if it wasn't too bad, they would operate on her to repair the damage. If it was too bad, they would have to euthanase. This was all done yesterday. The operation was a resounding success, she is coming out of intensive care today and I might be able to take her home tomorrow. I went to see her last night and she was bright, alert, hungry and very happy to see me. So I am feeling great today!


Thanks for all your words of support!
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Oh - I am so glad to hear this - we need to hear success stories more often.

Give your baby girl pleanty of kisses for me - she is very lucky to have you as a mom!!!!!!
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Stories like this always touch my heart.

Lot's of love and healing vibes to you both!

~ Salem
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Wow! I am so glad they were able to fix it, and she is doing better!
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That is SUCH wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for you !
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That is indeed wonderful news! Good luck with her while she is recovering.
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Thank goodness, what a relief for both you and her, glad the ending had a solution!
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Oh gosh, your posts have about had me in tears!! How awful for you and your poor little kitty!! I am so relieved that it seems like there IS a good light showing at the end of that tunnel for you both! --Sounds like you got a good Vet to help you out too!
Hope your little Kitty gets better REALLY fast now! HUGS to you!
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Hi there

Just a further update. Tarka had an appointment at the vet today for a check up and to have her stitches out and he is very very happy with her progress! :-)

She is doing really well. Still walking a little unsteadily which is to be expected I suppose but she is lively and perky and it is wonderful to see her like that again.

Thanks for all your support and good wishes! We really appreciate it.

Here is a picture of Tarka. Isn't she adorable?

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yes she is, and what a lucky girl! Thank you for taking care of this special kitty!
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I am glad to hear she is doing so well. She is beautiful.
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GO Tarka I am so glad to hear that she is doing much better. What an you are for being a Mom to this beautiful kitty
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A further update. Tarka is getting more and more better. She is no longer confined to my bedroom - now has the run of the house again and is seeming to try and catch up with two months of playfulness! She never usedto play with those toy furry mice - she has now started!!! I am so happy.

Her sister, Luca - a little Siamese is another story. Last week saw me rushing to the emergency vet again as she fell off of our loft in the house and started to bleed from her mouth and nose! The vet checked her out - she just had a nosebleed and a bruised palate! But jeez! I must have no more cat incidents this year - just a happy cat filled year!

Cheery bye!
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I am so glad that both a doign great!!!!

Luca sounds like a female version of my Loki a Bengal. She certainly is copying Loki's stunts - the first time he gave himself a nose bleed and a heck of a scare, the second time no blood but he trashed my chandalier - good excuse to replace it - never liked it much anyway . I keep telling him 2 lives down and 7 to go, but I am not sure he is listening.

Anyway give both plenty of [[[[[[[kisses]]]]]
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Loki is such a cool name! Luca is an absolute adorable little hellcat! I have never owned a siamese before and it is proving to be quite an experience! But I have ben very blessed with two stunning kittens!

Did you take Loki to the vet when he fell? Was he hurt at all? My vet said that she was lucky to have not broken her jaw! Silly girl!

This is Tarka and Luca...
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