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New pictures !!!

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Craig took 31 new pictures.. they are all added into our photo album (see the url addy in my signature), but here are a few samples.

Myself, and Drew:



There are lots more, and still some that I haven't added yet. I'll add those to the photo album in a few minutes. I hate to brag, but I loooove my babies.. they're sooo cute!
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Jake and Drew love to cuddle together!

Now that I've got a place to host my pictures, and since Craig showed me how to post them, you guys are in BIIIIIIG trouble. I'm like a proud new parent showing off pictures of their kid to everyone!
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Yay! They are so precious! And you are a cutie!
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Great pictures! Your babies are adorable!
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They're beautiful! Are they littermates?
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Sebastian and Drew are litter mates, however Jake is from a seperate litter. They don't know it thoug, and we don't tell them that *wink*. As far as we and they are concerned they are brothers through and through. They've been together since they were a month old.
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Awww Cass, Are you using the Flash on your camera coz they are turning out really dark Or maybe you can lighten them with an editing software.

Sorry! Apart from that Gorgeous Pictures! You are a really pretty lady! and of course your cats

Love Sam.
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Craig took those pictures and he *never* uses the flash because it makes the pictures way too bright, and it washes out their coat. We can't find that medium we need and I have zero clue how to lighten it up .

Everytime I take pictures with the flash, Craig gripes at me that it's too bright and washed out . Can't win with him, so I just let him take the photos now.
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Ohh That's a shame Cass! I'm sure someone will have some expert photo taking advice to share with you!

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they are beautful! Of course since I have Siamese ,I love all Siamese!!
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Sweet! I would never object to more pics of beautiful babies!
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Great pictures. Your babies are SO cute!
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your babies are so cute, and yes these are our fury fids, i know mine our you should be proud, there are a couple people on here that are really good at the pic. thing and could probaly tell you how to lighten them up if you choose to, they were really good pics, thqnks for sharing them
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Hey Cass! I thought I'd touch up your pic's a bit. Hope you don't mind! Great pic btw! What gorgeous lil boys you've got and they've got a very pretty Mommy!
Here's those pic's:

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Great bedspread BTW and you are very pretty too!
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I love your pics. I am partial to siamese. I have two mixes that I just stumbled on while I was looking to get a kitten. They are my kids as my kids have all grown and left home. They are soooo much company now that I am alone, well not really I guess.
Keep those pics coming.

Hey anyone, how do I get a web page to put my kids on?

Here is a new picture of my baby.
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Thanks you guys! That is actually a throw of Craig's. Our comforter is dirty and needs to be washed but I haven't gotten off my butt and gone to the laundrymat(sp) to wash it. Our washer and dryer are waaay too small for a queen size comforter.

So it's funny. We are currently using two throws. One is the beethoven one which you see in that picture, and one is a winnie the pooh one that Craig got me for Christmas two years ago. The funny thing is that Craig won't let me use the winnie the pooh one, he makes me sleep with the beethoven one because he likes to use the winnie the pooh one. He's such a brat!!!!

Shell, thank you so much for lightening those pictures for me, I greatly appreciate it. Oh, and I'm not nearly as pretty as my cats, though I do thank you all for the compliments.
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Awwwwww! Hermoine you're kitty is soooo cute. I can't walk by a sleeping kitty without stopping and giving it a kiss on the head. I just can't do it. Sometimes my cats start to purr and love it, and other times they open their eyes and give me this "Oh yeah, wait until the next YOU are sleeping" look.
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There are lot of nice pictures on your site!
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I love your siamese kitties!!! They are soo sweet
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Cass, you and your cats are very pretty. Men can be so silly about what they want, can't they?
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Those cats look so cozy cuddling on the bed. Cute.
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Cassie - you are gorgeous, and your kitties are so cute!!!!!!! Those are great pics! (Though I must admit Shell did a good job brightening them up!) I won't be crying, either, if you post more pics, LOL!

Hermoine - I assume that's Chewy? So cute!
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Yes, that is Chewy. I should have said so.
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