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Eeny, Meeny, Miney & Mo - cute pics.

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Here are the fab four looking so much better!

Eeny (she wanted to hide and stay snuggled with Mo):





If we snuggle up together, the camera monster won't get us!!

PS If anyone ever wants to copy any of my pics, feel free.
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Aww... Love the pics of your furbabies!!
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Awwww Tania! These pictures are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing!
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Hey Tania!

Great job! They are looking so much better! Kudos!!!
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Oh they're so cute!!!
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Wooo, what angels! I had to show Craig. I love the Eeny Meenie Miney Mo theme !
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They are all so adorable, and they look so much better. I must admit.. Miney is my favorite! And I love that belly!!!
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Thank you all so much for your kind words. I really like the pic of Miney's tummy too, she looks like she's laughing!
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I love those pics! Please give little nose kisses to all of your babies for me!
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Very sweet baby pictures! Will you kiss them on their wittle faces for me? I love the kitten tummy shot, LOL!!!
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Face and nose kisses done! They weren't happy, though. In fact, they're giving me the evil stare because I put ear-mite drops in their ears AND THEN had the audacity to massage it in!

I'm definitely in the dog house tonight.
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Wow, Tania, you're doing a great job with them. They are really sweet.
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Wow, they look a lot better now - you've done a terrific job with them. They're adorable, of course, but you can also see that they look much healthier now. You really deserve a pat on the shoulder for all the hard work.
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Thankyou so much everyone for your encouragement. Every day, the kittens show little signs of being less feral and I'm so happy for them. Tonight, Meeny, Miney and Mo were skidding plastic bottle tops across the kitchen floor and chasing after them, then more batting...LOL

I estimate Miney and Mo will probably be ready to go in about two or three weeks. At the moment all 4 still have ear mites (despite lots of treatment) and Eeny and Meeny are still pretty feral and are looking pretty icky from all the loss of fur from the ringworm. They're all pretty happy, though and learning that the big scary human maybe isn't so scary after all.
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