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What Brushes Do You groom with?

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Jake is a domestic shorthair. He dosen's shed very much and I groom him everyday for a half hour. I bought two kinds of brushes, a soft brissle brush and the silver brissled brush. I've been brushing him with the silver one because it is easier to take out all the dead hairs. Am I doing right?
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I am with you. I also tried the soft bristle one at first, poor results.
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I have two long haired cats and use a comb with two sides - one for regular combing and one for fleas. I use both sides.
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I find the slicker (metal) brushes are great to get dead hairs out. The regular brushes I will only use on my longhairs at a show to straighten out any messy hairs.
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I use a wide cat-slicker brush. I got it at PetSmart. It's black and the head of the brush is oval. It was sort of expensive but worth it.
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We have a very small kitten with long hair. Right now I'm using a 'rat tail' comb. Yes, a people comb. It's working ok but he's really small and thinks we're playing with him. What does the flea comb look like? We don't have a Petsmart in the area any suggestions on where I could find a real cat comb?
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I use the metal type of brush, because it seems to do best at removing the dead hair. I also bought this metal comb-type of thing at PetSmart. It's like a comb for horses. It really does the job, as well.

I know this is a little off the topic, but I was wondering about this: both of my cats are domestic shorthairs. One sheds like crazy and the other doesn't. Lately, it has been just the opposite. Joey has been shedding like mad for the first time in his life. Squirt hasn't. What is the deal here?
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We use a soft bristles brush on Kitty. It is a pain to get the hair out of it, but it is the only thing she will let us use on her. Maybe because it looks kind of like my daughter's brush.

She is also a domestic shorthair, and she sheds kind of erratically. One day hardly any shedding, and the next day you pet her and get a handful of fur.
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I'm new. I love this forum idea. I use a very soft bristle brush for my cat, Oliver. I thought my husband was also brushing the cat until I found his hair in the cat's brush!
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I am thinking about getting that glove that is supposed to be as good as the brushes. That way while pelting/stroking your cat you are also grooming. It is only $3.99. Has anyone used this? How good is it?? Any thoughts?
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