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Went To Dh Work..

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To look for kitties and i could'nnt find them..they will call if they see any and i might try tommorow.
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Maybe you could get a live trap and catch them if they are lurking. A nice can of food should get them into the cage.
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I'm sorry I must have missed something, did you loose your pussy-cat?

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No dh has stray kittes at his work. Mama cat keeps getting preg,so i have onne of her babies Fluffy,now there is more. I vcan't really trap because i don't think dh work will let me. His boss was talking about gettinng the Mama annd keeping her as the mascot or something. (he works at a seniors home) All i know is she nneeds to be spayed but i'm nnot sure if she'll attack me if i try to catch her..
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but wouldnt the senior home rather you trap her and get her spayed so she cant keep having babies? she might let you catch her, please be careful, wouldnt want you to get all scatched up, good luck with her.
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Well the thing is the traps come from the SPCA (Canada) so if they trap her they'll keep her. I personally canot afford to pay for a spay as i have one little one annd hopefully another kitten from dh work.
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If you can't afford for a spay, then how can you afford two kittens? The reality of this is the mom needs to be trapped and spayed. If the SPCA claims the right to adopt the mom cat out, that should be good because she needs to be spayed. They will of course capture the kittens as well, if that is their policy.

Here, if you rent a trap, the shelter does not lay claim to the animal. If you borrow the trap they will, because they figure they can make up the money in an adoption fee.

Perhaps you could suggest to the people at work to take up a collection and pay for the spay yourself- then allow the cat to be the mascot there? Or ask the shelter if you can rent the trap and not borrow it.
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i can afford to have 2 cats at this point nnot 3. Please i did not come on here for you to question me. i would love to save EVERY cat but i can't. I'm doing my part however little that may be. My cat(s) are and will be looked after.
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I am not questioning you. You came here and posted a sort of confusing thread and you asked for help? I was giving you my input because I trap spay and neuter all the time. I have over a dozen cats and except for the newest arrivals all my cats are spayed and neutered.

You need to let the owner of the building know how important it is to get the mom cat spayed. Use the resouces found here www.savesamoa.org and print them out and hand them to him to read. Saving this cat from future pregnancies, will prolong her life. Just click on resources then on spay and neuter and go from there. If mom is a true feral and you go after her kittens and she will be around, you may get scratched or bit. If you do not know what you are doing I just ask that you seek the help of someone in your area that does.
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My inntention was to save another kitten from dh work. I'm not prepared to deal with the mama as i donn't know how upset,angry annd dangerous she might be. I did talk to the SPCA about trappinng and dh spoke to his boss who said nno because they want to keep the mom. I'd be willing to get her and take her into the vet to geyt spayed if i had help for the bill. I know its unfair to her and those kittenns that she keeps having. Hopefully onne day when we get a house i can take in some more rescues and help them find better homes because i really,really want to do more. Its hard enougfh persuading dh to let me get another kittenn. I think she has 3 kittenns there. One more black onne,a swirl blackish,grayish one annd a gray and white one. The area they are in is fennced so i know they are in there. DH spots them at woprk almost daily. Unnfortunntely last night there was no sign of them. We have to go today to meet a woman from his work so ui may pek arounnd then again. His Admin is leaving today (for good) and she HATES cats so i have to make sure shes gone.I'll keep you updated if i can finnd any more kitties.
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well if the senior home wants to keep the mommie cat for themselves, thats great, but they must be responible for her then and get her to a vet to be spyed and what ever elese she needs, why would they want a cat around that keeps having kittens?? i dont under stand that, do they know how many kittens she will have in a years time??? they will have a coloney of cats in no time. i think you are trying to do the right thing here but you need to get some help. if the adminaster of the place hates cats then who is in charge there that wants to keep the mommie cat?? thats who you need to talk to about getting her spayed, hope this works out for you and the mommie and the kittens
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If the SPCA won't help, then you need to find a cat rescue organization that will. I contacted a rescue society in my home town, and they were very helpful and supportive, but did not want to take in the cat. They wanted to help me trap the kitten and then work with me to foster it myself. Are you in Ontario? There are quite a few cat rescue organizations in addition to the SPCA.

The thing that upsets me is that rescuing one kitten does so little to solve the problem. It would be lovely for you, of course, to rescue a feral kitten and give it a good home, but that does almost nothing to help the feral cat problem here.

And I know that there are vets who will spay the momma cat for a very reasonable price, so that's not a huge issue. Print out some of the information from the Feral cat thread here, to try and convince the owners of the home that it would be best for everyone that she be fixed.
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Doug-The adnin is retiring so shes gone. I'm not sure how they plan on going about getting the mama cat. I'm willing to trap her or whhatever if the vet bills are mostly looked after.
Sammie-I'm in BC Canada. I realize that taking in 2 kittens is not a big thing but the way i see its 2 cats that might be dead right? Its all i can do right now.
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fluffsmom- i think its great that you going to take 2 of the kittens, but the concern is the other kittens and the mom cat, have you talked to the people at the home about traping her and getting her spayed?? you said they wanted to keep her as a mascott, so why arent they willing to get her spayed, that makes no sense to me if they dont.i know that it isnt your fault that this place has a stray cat that is going to keep having kittens, but you need to try and get someone to help you with trapping her and getting her fixed, i wish i was there i would help you, but im many many miles away, hey good luck with this situation i hope it turns out well for all.
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