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Help! Kitten vomited for the first time

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OK, now I really freaked out. Felix has vomited for the first time, and it may be bc of the wet food (recently introduced Nutro Max). I thought he would be OK though, since he didn't mind having ScDiet+IAMS before... Do you think it could be something more serious? He didn't seem to want to eat today... but I thought that was the Innova dry that I introduced...
His nose is dry and warm to touch... I dont know what to do... he is sleeping now though.

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It's hard to say why he got sick. He could have found a bug on the floor and ate it, you could have fed him to much at one time, he could have gotten excited, if he is long hair, he might have hairballs. I would just watch him. The only accurate way to tell if a kitten or cat has a temp is to take it with a rectal thermometer.

Next time you feed try elevating the bowl a little bit off the floor so the kitten will relax his throat when he eats and see if it helps. Any diet change needs to be done gradually instead of all at once, but if he vomits again, I would call the vet.
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Thanks a lot for the quick reply!
When I introduced Innova, I mixed 1/4 new+3/4 old; and the Nutro Max just the same- half tiny can mixed with his old wet food. He got the wet mix yesterday, too, and he was OK with it- no vomiting until tonight...
I will definitely keep an eye on him.
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I remembered something else: how can you tell if he has hairballs? Do you actually see them? All I saw was food, including two whole bits of ScDiet... I guess he doesn't chew much...
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If what you are seeing is food...it is likely that he ate too quickly. Mine tend to eat rapidly upon switching brands...though they never seem to barf it up. When my cat gets hairballs you can definately see it...it looks like a long,hairy turd lying in a puddle of yellow, clearish liquid.
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thanks for the lovely visual nern...
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LOL I always tell people it looks like a hairy caterpiller-

Salem why is your kitty upside down? Is he part bat?
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Part bat and part sloth.... she get's stuck asleep when she's upsidown

~ Salem
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