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Cats And Milk

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Every time i drink milk Fluffy jumps up and tries to drink from the cup...you'd think he's starved.
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Please don't feed your cat milk. A lot of cats have problems with milk and unless it's shot straight from the cow's udder it isn't good for them. There is catsip out that will work if you cat has to have milk.
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I donn't feed it to hijm. He TRIES to get it but i give him Whiskas Cat Milk instead. I know cows milk is bad for cats.
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When mine were smaller, they would literally climb hubby's legs when he was carrying a glass of milk! Little brats!
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Peaches always tries to get milk too. We don't let her have it but she tries hard. If you leave a half glass of milk on a table, she'll knock it over to get at it! We figured that out early on and we don't leave unattended glasses of milk anymore! She likes to try to stick her nose in your bowl of cereal too. And also icecream! What a gal!
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my sister and i ahve 6 cats betwwen us and they all like milk but only 1 was able to drink it, so we buy cat sip, but wonder if you could use the lactouse free milk?
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What is it with cats and milk?? Every time I sit and eat a bowl of cereal, Fluffy especially, comes and sits on the table and she knows I won't let her have it..I touch her on the head, and say noooo..but then she gets in her crouching position, and just sits and stares at me the entire time I eat, just waiting and waiting to see if she gets a little lick of it...silly girl!
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Kathy, my cats used to do the same thing. If I sat my empty cereal bowl on the coffee table or kitchen counter, they would sometimes go and lick the bottom.

My cats really like to drink from my water glass. I stop them before they tip it over, cause it usually goes all over a book or papers.
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JC got Whiskas cat milk after he was weaned in the home he was fostered in. He turned four at the end of April, and is still getting it every day, because if I "forget" to give it to him, he wails until he gets it. And I mean wails - you can hear him a couple of doors down, and he can go on for hours. I don't think milk - even the lactose-reduced stuff - is good when given every day, because it probably means too much fat in his diet, but he seems to be addicted to it. It has to be the Whiskas brand, too. On the other hand, the only canned food he'll eat is brands with less than 1% fat, so maybe the food offsets the milk.
At my parents' house, nobody can leave a coffee cup unattended, because the cat will drink any coffee she can find - black, with cream and/or sugar, hot or cold. I guess that's worse than filching milk.
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Is it really bad for them?
My vet said that it's okay once in a while if they are able to handle it.

He said that there are some cats who like humans become intolerant to lactose while others are not quite so intolerant of lactose.

Is this true?

I know Bobbie is very fond of milk!! Zooey on the other hand doesn't like it, but then she is lactose intolerant. Everytime she has some she gets a bit of diarrhea so now she... just sort of stays away from it by herself.

Any thoughts?
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What your vet said is true - some adult cats can tolerate regular milk, and others react with diarrhea. A lot of people seem to give their cats evaporated milk, yoghurt, kefir, cottage cheese or quark, and the cats can tolerate them. They really don't need dairy products, though.
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Moemoe Can drink milk and neo can't, So I let moemoe have alittle tiny bit has a treat. Neo gets whiskers cat milk.
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