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Jake is very Strange

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Sometimes when Jake wants attention, he would begin to purr. Then I start to pet him and he playbites me. Does he want to be petted or no?
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Don't worry, Jake isn't really strange at all. One of my cats and several of my parents' nine cats do this. I'm not completely sure of the reason. I read somewhere that some cats have very sensitive skin that can become irritated from very little petting. I also heard that certain cats are just too excitable and can't sit still when they're given loves. As long as he's playing and doesn't seem agitated it probably isn't a problem. When he becomes really upset then he may need a break from touching. With my biter, I try not to pet in one spot for too long. (Out of curiosity... is Jake Siamese, because I heard they're more prone to this behavior) Good luck saving your hands. PS. If the biting is just a problem because its painful for you, try wearing a mitten or soft oven mitt. These feel good to the cat and they can bite them as much as they want. I even saw a fuzzy mitten in the cat toy section of my local Petco just for this.
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My cat does that. I'll just be petting her and she's purring and everything is fine and all of a sudden she'll snap at you. In fact, my fiance saw her do this for the first time the other day. They just get overstimulated b/c of their sensitivity. Don't worry, it's just his way of telling you he's had enough.:vampireL:
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