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Who has baby pictures of your older kitties?

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I was digging around and found Spot and GoGo's baby pictures...still looking for Rocko and Peanut. (They are my older boys, I adopted them at 9 weeks+)

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Kim - look at that slim little GoGo in Spot's baby picture! LOL Such cute babies.

Of course, I have baby pictures to share too. (That's like asking Grandma if she has pics of the grandchildren!)

Here's my favorite picture of Trent as a baby. His little tongue was sticking out!

Trent & Ophelia napping together (OK, they were so cute sleeping together hubby woke them up to get pictures!)

And here's Baby Ophelia (Wasn't she just adorable!!!)

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Awwwwwww!! Heidi Look how little your babies are!!!! Don't you wish you could turn back the hands of time? Thanks for sharing!! LOL!

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Here's Mike with the Tag Team
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That picture of the kittens in the basket just cracks me up! Of course, little GoGo was never one to listen and do what he was supposed to do! LOL

Goodness Spot was so tiny too!

AW, MA, you know with all the kittens you've helped raise over the years you could fill the whole darn thread! LOL Not that we would mind.
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Here is Berkley now...

her first littler box moment...

and the tiny kitten pic...

I will try to find some of the other cats too
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Very cute everyone! I don't have baby pictures of Peaches. I got her when she was already grown. But I love her just as much!
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I have yet to find Joey's baby pics, but here's Squirt, when he actually WAS a squirt.

And with Allie, a tiny mite herself....

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Awww lots of cute kittens! I got Kahu at 4months and Peedoodle was fully grown so no tiny pics.

Deb - Allie is a pretty lass!
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Baby Velvet

Baby Velvet again

Baby Corky
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They're all so small and adorable!
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All these pictures are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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Awwwww! I love baby pictures, these are precious!
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Here is a link to mine a little ones. Sug and Pep are now 7, Excalibur is 5, Merlin 4 and Striker is 2.5
my kitties
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LOL!! I found another baby picture of Spot!!

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Aw! Spot looks like he's smiling!
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Finally found a baby pic of Sylvestra & Mr. Underfoot!

Mr Underfoot is in his mama's arms (he still loves to be held!), and Sylvestra is having a meal.

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Ummm, Tux, I'm confused. Could you mark who is who in bright orang letters?! I just see black and white fuzzies!
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Aww the babies are so cute!! Zoey was 11 months when I got her so no baby pics
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it does look like a little pile of black & white!

Is this better? Mr. is right next to his mama's head, & Silly is at her belly. I'm afraid this is the best I can do with Paint.
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i don't have any pix of roxy because he was almost fully grown when he came to me.. However all of your kittens were soooo cute

Deb I hope u don't mind but I couldn't see squirt too well in the pic so I lightened it a bit and he is soo cute
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Corkscrews foster mom gave me this picture.

And here is one of Tibby the first day I brought her home.
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I was showing these the other night of the Sammycat. here is the link Sadly I didn't have a camera when Oscar was a wee one
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Here's one of our Suzy (now 4) and her sister Samantha, at 7 weeks. We had just picked them up and stopped at my Mother-in-Law's to introduce them. She took the pic.
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All these pictures are fantastic!

Kim - Spot lookes gorgeous in that picture with your son?

- Ady - Your cats are perfect- just gorgeous
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All of the pictures are so cute! I love seeing baby pictures of everyones cats.
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I love this thread.... these baby pictures are sweet!!!!

Fran - What cute basket kitties!!! They were SO tiny!! LOL!!

Laura!! Cool Siggy!

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