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HELP! Cats yowling at night, all night.

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I am the proud human of Morpheus and Freya, a 1.5yo male and 11month old female (respectively) cats. Both of them are very well behaved usually and normally I never have problems with them howling at night.

Unfortunately, life has been a pain recently for myself and my cats. The weather is cold and unpleasant and I have found myself swamped the past few weeks with my course work. This has caused two serious issues: one, my kitties only go outside to use the litter box (we have a cat door) and two, they are not getting alot of attention due to my crazy schedule. Last weekend, I ended up trapped 40 miles away. I was afraid that was going to happen, so I had left extra food and water just in case, but I spent the whole weekend away from the house.

I have done my utmost to give them at least an hour each day, but sometimes its just not possible to give them more. This has lead to excessive yowling at night. Usually, if they meow at my door, which they typically do when they know I have just woken, I can squirt them from underneath and they get the idea to be quiet. However, getting up every 10 minutes to squirt at them in the middle of the night is just not working out for me or them.

Is there another way to help them calm down? Usually, when the weather is warm, they are quiet at night, irregardless of if I have been home all day or not. They like to sit on the balcony and mrow at whomever or whatever they please. Since its cold, they refuse to do this and I have resorted to putting them out at night since both myself and the apartment below me have had issue with our cats crying because of the weather.

Any advice would be welcome. Sorry for the wordiness.
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Are they altered? This is prime "heat" season.....

OR are they whining to get into wherever YOU are?
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