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Finally 5000

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Well it took forever and about 60 posts today, but I am finally here. Still not in the top 5 posters, but getting there! Looking forward to my 6000th post!
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Well at least you are in the top 10

Well Done Ady! you deserve lots of OOO(hugs) & xxxxx(kiss's)


Love Sam.
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Yay Ady! Way to go!

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Winning is Hissy with 10590 posts
2nd is Debby with 9664 posts
3rd is valanhb with 7145 posts
4th is Deb25 with 5745 posts
5th is Jeanie G with 5165 posts
6th is adymarie with 5034 posts
7th is katl8e with 4876
8th is Sandie with 4737
9th is airprincess with 4170
10th is Anne with 3948
11th is LDG with 3854
12th is Bodlover with 3542
13th is dtolle with 3529
14th is debra myers with 3262
15th is Lorie D with 3191
16th is WellingtonCats with 3191(also!!)
17th is Kiwideus with 3136
18th is Princess Purr with 2901
19th is Mom of 10 cats with 2770
20th is Lhezzza with 2701 posts
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Yay, I am at my favourite number
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LOL Kellye! YAY I'm coming 15th now
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