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To All (we're ALL US citizens tomorrow!) HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!

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I won't be around tomorrow, but I wanted to say... HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, everyone!!!

For those of you who are not US Citizens, I hope you're celebrating with us, and I hope you live in peace and freedom from fear....

For those of you who are US citizens, please have a WONDERFUL, SAVE and terrific holiday!!!!

We have so much to be thankful for, and I, for one, am going to give an extra special thanks for all I have and for all that we have because of our country on the 4th!!!!

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...and I'm thankful to all of those who have helped us and are helping us to keep it free...
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Hope everyone has a great Independence day!
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Happy 4th of July!!!!!!
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and be safe!

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Happy 4th of July to all catsite members and everyone!!!

I got bored and patriotic early this morning and made this wallpaper for everyone. Just go to the link below the preview image(the image below is NOT the full size version and will look very fuzzy if u try to use it). Oh and make sure you go to desktop properties and make the wallpaper stretch. It is made to be stretched, but I cut it off so the file would save space. Instructions to install the wallpaper are below the link incase there are people that don't know how or have trouble!! I hope you have a happy and safe 4th!! Let me know if u liked or used my wallpaper


To change wallpaper: Click the link above to go to my imagestion album...if the link asks for you to sign in before you can view the albulm, use this account info:
The user name is: GAart
The password is: meow
When u see my album click enter. Click on the image to open a new window that will enlarge the image. Right click on the full sized image after it has loaded. Then click 'save as'. Save on your desktop or in my documents so it will be easier to find. It is named 4thjuly2003. Then right click on your windows desktop. Click properties. Click the tab at top that says background. Click browse and go to the 4thjuly2003. Click on it. It will show the title of the image in the big white box. to the right there is a link that says Display. Select stretch. Then click Ok. Your done! If u need more help PM or email me HAPPY 4th!!!!
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Happy Independence Day!

If anyone is interested, here are some pics from last year's NYC fireworks. There is a slide show version which seems to only work with Internet Explorer, and a version where you can just click on the pictures. If they look a little weird in terms of layout, it is because I took them from my apartment window and only get the ones that go way up in the air, in a space between the buildings. (The fireworks are placed on barges in the East River, and there is usually one 'parked' about a 5 minute walk from where I live. It gives me an appreciation for what Londoners went thru during the Blitz in WW2, at least sound wise. Even with my windows sealed shut -they have sort of a vacuum seal and are double-paned, the noise is astonishing.)

NYC Fireworks 2002 Slideshow

NYC Fireworks 2002 -Album Format

The weirdest thing was that last year, my Sasha-girl actually sat on the window sill and watched them for awhile, while all of her brofurs went into hiding.
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