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Giving Treats to Kittens

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Jake is almost five months old. Can I give him cat treats? I haven't found any for kittens so may be is for every age.
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I think occasional treats for a kitten is fine. I've given Muffy treats from the time I got her when she was 8 weeks old. Any more knowledgeable people please correct me if I'm wrong.

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my girls are 7 months old & I've been giving them treats for a few months now. they get a couple a day.
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I gave my Herculese treats for a couple months before we lost him when he was almost 6 months old (he went outside one night and didn't come back). he loved them, and with them, I taught him to sit on command (just a little brag)! It never occured to me that they may not be able to have treats before a certain age. I never had any health problems with Herculese as long as I had him though.
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I have tried three different treats for my kittens and they dont like any of them. I tried Pounce,Whisker Lickins, and Fish Snack made by Europet. Any other ideas?
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my cats love the pounce 'special' treats, they come in a foil bag instead of a little plastic can.
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I gave and, still do, my cat "Baby Tabs". This way, both my cats get treats, and she gets healthy ones while in her kitten stage. Now that she is a year old, she still gets them, and loves them.
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