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Grooming Persian for show

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I just want to say I have a new appreciation for Persian Breeders. At least the ones who really take care of them. I am getting ready for a show this weekend. We are taking 5 cats. 2 Munchkins, 1 longhair household pet, 1 short hair household pet and the persian. It took 1.5 hours to bathe and touch up 4 cats, it took 2 of us 2 hours for the one persian. With fine combing, 2 shampoos, ears, eyes, and then the blow dryer. I do have to say though, if groomed properly and taken care of, I have never seen such a beautiful cat in my life. I told my husband we have about 16 or more years of this....but he is well worth it! Thank you Harriet for all the wonderful tips!! I will let everyone know how the show went on Monday.
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Harriet..he was so cute at the show. Everyone just loved him. He was such a ham!! All of the other persian breeders were telling me how cute he was. He was well groomed and the only reason he didn't place much was because the other 2 kittens there were older than him. His ears and features weren't as developed. One breeder told me about a powder to use around the eyes. I guess you can only get it in Canada. So later when I get the name out, I will ask any of our canadian people if they can find it for me. I had 2 of them tell me to use the go jo. What the heck is it and should I mess with it?? Thank you so much for the advice...he looked so good!!!
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Hi Sandie. So sorry I haven't been on for a while. My daughter has crohn's disease and she has been pretty sick lately. She seems a little better this week as they changed her medicine.

I am delighted your little furry joy was so good at the show. How nice that other breeders were noticing him! I asked my friend about the go jo product you mentioned. Neither of us has heard of it. What powder can you only get in Canada? Maybe we can help?
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I hope your daughter is feeling better. I am not familiar with the disease. I am just getting over a bout with phneumonia and I know being sick and run down is no fun!
The powder they were talking about it eye and wound powder. It is supposed to be exellent. I guess you can get it at TICA shows here in the states, but I dont really show with them. He is getting so big and he is so cute. I just wish he was healthy from get go. We just had a bout with toxidia and round worms. He is a pistol though, he should do better at the next show since he will be older. Hope to hear from you soon.
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Hi Sandie, I sent you an ICQ to authorize. Did you get it?
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No, I am sorry I didnt. My husband had to take that version off of my computer. It had a virus on it and he had to re load my windows and all. I am going to have him re install it tomorrow. I will let you know when it is up again.
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Hi there. As an owner of two Persians I may be able to help you. You may want to search the internet for the eye powder called Eye Envy. It should take care of any eye tearing or staining problems you may have. For the coat cleaning I think you are talking about Goop which you can buy on line as well. The sites for both of these I listed below.


Make sure with the Goop you get the stuff for the animals. Good luck!

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Just to let you know, Maddie, you are answering a post that is 4 years old.
Still good info but I don't know if you realized it or not.
Welcome to TCS!

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