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Unwanted Email

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Since I've been on the internet, I often get email for porn sites. I never go in it and sometimes I can tell what the email is all about so that I can erase it. I've tried several ways to stop them, but they keep on coming. Do any of you computer wizes know how stop them? I hate porn and am against it.

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I would check with your ISP (internet service provider) about where to file complaints. With CompuServe I can block mail from an address or forward the whole email to security and they will handle it for me.

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I have the same problem. That's why I always use a hotmail mail account when I join internet sites. I get alot of junk mail and porn stuff on that address, but at least it's not cluttering up my personal email account. It is sickening though. I bet I get at least 5 porn mails per day. Every time I get them, I do a block sender, but I still get more the next day but from a different address.

Very frustrating!

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I also have this same thing happing to me. I use hotmail also and block the sender but I seem to get the same email but from a new sender.
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I get about 5 emails a day from different people promising that their product can make my penis larger. Now that is nothing short of a miracle since I don't have one to begin with.

I usually just block them, but Hotmail and Yahoo only allow you to block 100 or so addresses. Not that it matters much since usually those people send you email from an address only once before their mail gets shut down due to slamming. The "spam" or "bulk mail" folders don't help much, as about half of the spam I gets ends up in my In-Box anyway.

Whatever you do, DO NOT ever click a link that says "Click here if you wish to be taken off our mailing list" nor email them, as this only proves that your email address is a working email address and then you will get more spam!
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I'm with everybody else. I have a Yahoo email address that gets NOTHING but spam from all those porn sites. I go there about once a month and clear it all out. Luckily, *Deb knocks on wood* I don't get any of that garbage in my regular email. I suggest setting up one of those accounts and using that address when you surf the net.

Hey, Illusion, maybe you could buy one of the products and sue them when it doesn't work! :laughing:
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Originally posted by Deb25

Hey, Illusion, maybe you could buy one of the products and sue them when it doesn't work! :laughing:
Hmm but it's a scary thought about what could happen if the stuff actually WORKED!
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Oh. I cannot stand getting spammed by email addresses. I recently used my email address (not-spam) by mistake when reigstering for jobs. Well, I clicked no for everything, and I've been getting spammed ever since. It's fine with me when there is an unsubcribe address and it takes me off, but it is another when you reply and it says your email isn't registered with it, since it came from a 3rd party! That or when you get the undeliverable messages drives me up the wall. Thanksfully, I haven't been getting as much latley.
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wow, I sure do feel lucky. I never get any porn or other junk mail (it's my turn to knock on wood). even so, I usually put down my Yahoo address when registering for stuff online. but I've never had any problem with that on either address.
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I get that crap too and, even as a guy, hate that crap! Most email addresses have a "parental guard" so that you can limit the kind of spam mail you get. Try looking at your user options and activate this control.
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