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ewwww what in the world was that !!!

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argh!! i was just eating combos (those pretzals with cheese in them) and I looked at one and it looked like there was something black so I dug the cheese out and there was something black and hard in it!! Whey does this kinda stuff always happen to me. SO now i'm all freaked out and worried!! It looked like a shiny stone or something! Now i'm never going to eat combos again and more then likly going to give myself a tummy ache from worrying
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Save it, write the company and mail it in. They will most likely send you free coupons for combos
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It could be burnt cheese. Take it back to the store with the gross one and ask for a new bag or refund!
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I don't ever want to eat combos again! I'm just one of those worry warts that is scared it is going to kill me or back me sick everyone tell me it is okay and make me feel better
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IF, and that is a big if, it was a bug, just think of it as extra protein!

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You'll be fine, Val! Ady's right, it's probably just a bit of burned cheese or maybe burned pretzel. Nothing to worry about.
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Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Val! I'm sorry! Best of Luck with taking it back

There is a place down the road from me that makes the yummiest bacon & egg pie but once a HUGE black bug about [______________] that long crawled out, I have never cried so much in my life! It was disgusting! So Val at least whatever it was didn't crawl!

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I was half-way through an oatmeal-cream cookie once when I looked down and realized it was full of live maggots! I shudder to think of how many maggots I ate that day!
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I got a burrito from 7-11 a few years back and was about halfway through when I felt something rubbery in my mouth. It felt like I was chewing on a rubber band. It was a 3" long piece of intestine!!! EEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

I called the number on the wrapper and reported it, and they sent me coupons for over $50 in free stuff (not burritos) from 7-11.
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I was eating a mexican pizza at taco bell and noticed something chewy in my mouth. I took it out and it was a used band-aid!!! Nasty!!! yuck, yuck, yuck

I was at a party in college and sat my beer down on the table. I picked it up and chugged it. Well, it was not my beer, turns out I picked up the "dip" can this guy was using for his chewing tobacco! Gross!!!!
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now I am sick to my stomach!!!!!
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Oh I shouldn't have read this thread with a really nervous and anxious stomach! I seriously feel ill. I once was eating a fig newton and set it down on the table before I finished it and looked down to see maggots crawling out of it. The memory always makes me sick, but now with your stories too it's just too much!

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I have never had anything like that happen to me (Thank God!!), but I can only imagine, I would never want to eat anything again!!
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OMG guys I don't think I ever want to eat again!! What a great diet
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Well, I was chastising myself for reading this thread and thinking about having some Combos. Then I read on...... I think the Band-aid one did me in.....
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Sorry guys but 2 more stories:
In my 9th grade Spanish class we all were susposed to cook recipes from the book our teacher gave us. Then we would all have a party with that food the next day....I was eating a cookie a girl made. It tasted ok, but had nuts in it. I decided to look at my half bit cookie to see what else it may have been made of and instead I saw a hollow shell of what I guess was either a maggot or a worm that likes whatever nut that was (I think it was walnut). The bad part was I had swallowed half a 'shell' of the creature....EWWWWW.

My grandmother was eating at the kitchen table...we have a ceiling fan overhead....I walked by to go to fridge when I started to hear a slight 'plop' noise occasionally. Grandma didnt notice right off. Turns out a dead rat or something was in the attic (the ceiling fan wasnt cauked good or something she told me later)and the plop was maggots falling on her. We figured out the sound after she felt something crawling in her hair and pulled out several maggots....the gross part: she had ate a few!! There were so many she attatched a garbage bag to the blades and we could hear them falling in it and crawling for hours....that ruint both our appetites for that night. I'm still afraid to eat under that fan even though she says she had her son fix it. So BEWARE of the ceiling fan
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NEVER! I repeat NEVER read this thread while enjoying a yummy dinner....
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