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Hi There!

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I'm completely new to this board! I live with two older cats and one little pipsqueak. Angel is a beautiful six year old tuxedo Turkish Angora; five year old Ruby is a five year old domestic shorthair who was raised in a barn (literally!) but prefers the pampered city life.

Our newest addition is a three and a half month old mackrel tabby named Rocky. Rocky started out with a rescue group here in St. Louis; whoever named him must've had a chocolate craving--he was named Mars Bar, and his siblings were named Snickers, or something like that. I can see now he is going to be tall and skinny with big feet, just like his daddy.

Rocky knows that I don't like to see him wrestle with Angel--I've given him THAT LOOK on some occasions, so now he takes a running leap and jumps over her. Angel doesn't like it, and walks around fussing. One day she is going to beat his little striped butt, and that will be that. Ruby hisses and slaps at him, but nothing major.

I'd like to hear from some of the other members on the board, especially those of you who live with Turkish Angoras, former barn cats, and kittens.
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welcome to the board!!!
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Welcome to the site! Your furry family sounds hysterical! Just the image of little Rocky jumping over Angel gave me the giggles. My Trent has learned the same thing with Ophelia - that he's not allowed to jump on her. So he goes running/pouncing full speed ahead toward her, but stops just short of actually pouncing ON her. She gives him a dirty look and sometimes smacks him on the head. LOL

I look forward to getting to know you and your kitties on the Board!
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Hi guys!

My goodness, your cats are BEAUTIFUL!

I am in the process of upgrading my computer; the poor thing has just gotten used to the internet and it's kind of cranky when it comes to digital pictures and the like. Looking at your beautiful animals has made me want to post pictures of mine.

Whenever I get on the computer Rocky always comes over and helps me with the keyboard. That's an improvement over the other little boy I had--Bandit hated to see me on the computer, painting, sculpting, you name it! If it didn't involve him he would come over and lightly nip me on the ankle, or jump up in my lap and try to get between me and whatever I was doing. He was a beautiful little 3 year old mackrel tabby. He developed an inoperable urinary blockage last January and I had to have him put to sleep. I still miss him very much, but I've gotten so I can talk about him now without crying.

I hope you and your babies get through the noisy 4th of July holiday okay. Have a wonderful weekend!
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Welcome to the BEST place around
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Sorry for the delayed response, but I just wanted to welcome you to the board!
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Wow! Your kitties are so sweet! Love them all!
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