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a newbie w /3cats, and 1 is sick w/cancer

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Hi! My name is Debbie and I currently have 3 cats. Scuffy is 15 yr. old female white shorthair and has fibrosarcoma (a form of cancer). She was diagnosed in nov. 02, and operated on in dec. 02. My vet was amazed she made it through the surgery and only gave her a couple months to live. It has been 7 months since the surgery. I have treasured every moment with her. She has done amazingly well up until the last weeks. She is very weak at this point and we are close to losing her. I will sadlly miss her when she goes to kitty heaven.
My next cat is 10 months old, a female calico. She came to live with me @8 wks. old last year. I had lost a male cat last summer to a terrible urinary tract infection (he was not quite 4 yr. old and we found out during his problems he also had an enlarged muscle in his heart, we called him chocolate chip). Kali is almost the re-incarnation of Chip. She acts so much like him. And she loves to eat just like he did.
And the other day I just brought home a new kitten. My mom and I had found her and another outside her house w/no mother. They were about 1 week old. Sadly the other kitten didn't make it. This kitty is now 6 wks. old. My mother kept her and bottle fed her until she was able to eat on her own. (my mother has 4 dogs and 4 cats of her own, plus another stray mother w/2 kittens about 7 wks old). This new kitten is grey tiger, and an angel sent from heaven. I was going to wait until my precious scuffy was is kitty heaven to bring her home. But scuffy is staying in my daughters room almost constantly and doesn't get around much now. I keep the new kitty downstairs in the family room.
Kali is not yet happy about the new kitty. And I don't want scuffy to even know of the new kitty. But Kali needs a playmate, since scuffy won't be here much longer.
I just love cats and hope I have done the right thing in bringing the new kitty home. Just wanted to say hi to all. Thanks!
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Welcome! I look forward to hearing the future adventures with your furbabies! You will find this site very addictive! Have fun.
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Welcome to the site! I deleted your other post since it was the same as this one.

Cherish every moment you have with Scuffy. She sounds like a wonderful friend. Of course, the little ones will be hard to ignore, and that's how it should be.

Sounds like you have a wonderful furry family, and I look forward to getting to know you and them on the Board!
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Welcome Debbie!

I'm sorry to hear about your cat!


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Hi Debbie, welcome to the board!

It sounds as if you have your hands full there. I'm sorry to hear about your sick kitty... that can't be easy.

I'm glad Kali has a new playmate though. I'm sure that will help in the transition for her when your Scruffy does pass on.
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welcome to the boards!
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