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July 3rd DT!

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Good day everyone. I am sitting here playing on TCS while I should be working. I just don't feel like working - I am going thru another round of insomnia and I am cranky. I think that I have too much on my mind. That job I am up for is under appeal so that will delay me starting the job. If I even get it based on the appeal. Then I have to decide what to do about possible other jobs I am up for. Do I stay content with this new one or do I keep trying to do something different? I can't decide!

Ok - enough venting! I hope that all of my American friends have a fun and safe July 4th tomorrow. I have a feeling it will be lonely on the site here tomorrow!
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Hey Ady - I'll be here!!!!

Today has soooooo dragged! It's nearly 5pm and I'm really tired and want to go home AND I didn't come in to work until 10.30. Nothing else really to report - I should be motivated but all I can think of is resting and my impending maternity leave.

I hope everyone in the US has a great 4th of July also . . . I guess it's be down to us Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians and others to hold the fort whilst you're all out partying!!!!
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Maybe we should make them log in and report their activities every few hours so we feel like part of the celebrations!

Yola - how have you been feeling?
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Hey, I'll be online tomorrow! And I live right by the place where the 4th of July got started, Philadelphia! No one in their right mind would go into the city for the parade and fireworks, it is a nightmare. Too many people, too many cars, add in 90+degree weather with high humidity and you have a recipe for misery, as far as I am concerned.

Tomorrow we'll probably go see Terminator 3, and spend the rest of the day spoiling cats and playing on the computers.
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Yeah! The more the merrier, because I will probably be online all day, so I would love the company!
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Oh man, today is SO dead at work! 2 people have already left for the day, and I'm betting the majority will be gone by about 4:00. But not me - I'm here until 5:30. Well, unless pretty much everyone leaves and then I may sneak out early.

I should be around in the morning tomorrow. The BBQ isn't until 3:00 so we can eat and then go to the park for the fireworks. *figuring out how to sneak alcohol into the park* Well, I won't be driving!

Is it time to go home yet? It's not even time for lunch yet!
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Heidi- just get a coke bottle and dump out half, add some rum and away you go, no one will be the wiser
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Originally posted by Melissa
Heidi- just get a coke bottle and dump out half, add some rum and away you go, no one will be the wiser
Sneaky! Smart, but definately sneaky!
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Yeah, I still remember all the tricks for sneaking in alcohol to concerts at Red Rocks (when they still allowed coolers and such). Mix pink lemonade and amaretto and it looks and smells and tastes like cherry cool aid. Get a syringe and inject alcohol into a 2 liter bottle of pop and even if the container has to be sealed it looks like it is. Or just inject it into oranges or other pulpy fruit. Ah, the 80s! Such a mischeivious time!

Actually, I was thinking of just bringing in my 96 oz. cup with rum & diet coke. It's not like they check, but you can't bring bottles with you either.
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See everyone tomorrow!
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I will also be around tomorrow, My hubby decided to pick up an extra shift at work, so I will be home, just me and the kitties!
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