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Need New Kittens info

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What is required from me before I can give these kittens good homes? Like shots and stuff? Do they require all the shots like puppies do? I remember when i was alot younger and had litters that all we did was give the kitten away, we didn't do any shots or anything. Do you deworm like with puppies?

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Ideally you should keep these young ones till they are 12 weeks old, that gives mom the chance to teach them everything they need to know, and helps you to know that you will be placing a well-rounded kitty into a new home.

Usually between 6-9 weeks of age you start the vaccines. Most veterinarians in tune with cats, will tell you to vaccinate only for the diseases they will be at risk of catching. An indoor kitty will not need as many vaccinations as an outdoor kitty will.

If you deworm DO SO ONLY with the advice and consent of your vet. Over the counter wormers are a BIG no no- remember that worm pills and liquids are toxic to cats (poison) So your vet will be the one to talk to about this.
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Are you serious? 12 weeks? They will tear my house apart by then LOL

I thought it was more like 6-8 weeks or as soon as they can eat good by themselves. I don't know if my husband will last if they stay that long....lol BUT he is kinda getting to "notice" them more now and I have taken one or two to him and to hold for a minute and he smiles so he is "loosening" up some.

Oh, the little girl has opened her eyes now, almost......typical girl for ya huh? hehe

Thanks for all the info,
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By letting them go before 12 weeks you are making a transition onto a new home more difficult for them. They will be tramatized, not have very good potty habits, and have a difficult time socializing.

They need as much time with mom as possible. Its like taking a 10 year old child out of the home and expecting them to live on their own because they know the basics of taking care of themselves.

I start my vaccines at 8 weeks. I do the 1st FVRCP and a dewormer. At 9 weeks I do the first FELV. Every 4 weeks they get the same vaccine again. DO NOT give more than one vaccine per visit. Many cats have died because of serious vaccine reactions b/c they had more than one shot per visit. Rabies is done at 16 weeks, but the new owners can do that.

Enjoy the babies. They get too big too fast!

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after watching my kittens grow up I know that they would NOT have been ready to go to a new home at 8 weeks. Around ten weeks they were kind of ready but now that they are 12 weeks they are really like little mini cats. They eat good and they use the litter, they run and play and they don't mind being away from mom. I think taking them away from mom before 12 weeks makes it harder for the kittens and mommy to adjust to them leaving. i got them there first shots at 8 weeks and there 2nd set at 12 weeks.
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