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6 month old very aggressive with new kitten

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Hi guys,

Since I last posted, we've added another we baby to our house. We brought home Citrus, our new 2 month old, this past Tuesday night. Introduced him to Jasmine (1yr) and Jacob(6 months) very slowly, through the door, letting them interact only under our supervision.

By yesterday, Jasmine and Citrus are fine. No hissing or swatting at all. They kind of ignore each other. But Jacob will not leave Citrus alone. He follows him EVERYWHERE. As soon as we let Citrus out of his room to play, Jacob is all over him. Not hissing, but he pounces on him every two seconds and although at first he licks, this soon turns into bites, and Citrus starts hissing and growling.

I know Jacob is not biting hard because I have intercepted many attacks with my hand, but I want to know if I should be diciplining Jacob for being too rough, or is he being this way just because Citrus is invading his domain.

I know Citrus is being a big whiner too as he makes the same growls if you poke him gently while he's eating (this is actually really funny coming from an 8 week old)

Just trying to figure out whether or not Jacob is just playing and doesn't realize how rough he's being, or if he's actually fighting. And whether or not I should dicipline him.

Don't know if this makes a difference either, but whenever Jacob and Jasmine play, he plays really rough, and Jasmine ends up mwrowling and leaving.
Oh kitties, what to do...

Jasmine,Jacob,Citrus' Dad
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Although you introduced the new guy gradually, he was still introduced into another's territory and what you are seeing is cats establishing who's the boss. As long as there are no serious threats of injury I would let it pass as once dominance is established the "fighting" will stop until the new guy decides to challenge for leadership. THAT may require intervention! Jacob is exhibiting a classic reaction of children; not the oldest and not the youngest so what am I? Being in the middle is the hardest and if these are all whole males you are in for some real "cat fights". My suggestion is to neuter all three if you are not planning on breeding and that will greatly reduce the conflict.

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