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Josh (my boyfriend) and I have had a string of bad luck with our cars lately. About two weeks ago, while bringing stuff over to the new apartment, Josh's car just stopped. Luckily, I was following him and have AAA, so we were able to have his car towed. Later that day we found out that he would need a new engine. Sadly, this would be the second time in 3 years that he would be replacing that engine. He decided to sell it for salvage and try to get something else. That hasn't happened yet, so for 2 weeks we've been trying to deal with one car (and use of my mom's car every so often). The day after Josh's car went, my car started smoking... gave off kind of a sweet smell. I had it towed to my mechanic, and he couldn't find a leak, but he said that the raidiator cap might be loose.... no biggie. Unfortunatly, my car kept on smoking. Josh finally determined that I was leaking power steering fluid (he kept having to add it ever so many car rides). I called my mechanic and he said to bring it in on Monday (after the holiday). This is where it gets interesting...

Yesterday I was driving home from my tutoring job and I decided to be a nice girlfriend and stop and get Josh and myself some iced spiced chai. I pulled infront of a meter (of course my car was smoking a bit) and got out. I headed across the street and all of these people with big, wide eyes starting shouting, "Your car is on fire!" "Noooo," I said... "It always does that." Then... "NO, YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE!!!" Sure enough, under the car, there were flames. A 911 call and 3 firefighters later, my car is 'toast' and Josh and I offically have no transportation (except for my sister who chauffered us around alllll day yesterday). Talk about autohell
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Ack! I hope you guys can get a means of transportation soon!

I know what its like. I've actually been in a car stopped at a red light when it caught on fire. Talk about jumping out in a heartbeat in the middle of an intersection. It was scary!
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Yikes! I am so sorry that you are going thru autohell!
I am glad that you were not in the car when it happened though!

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OMG Jillian! That is auto-hell!

Hope you get your transportation situation figured out soon. At least Marshmallow is there to cheer you up now!
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OMG thank God you're ok! That's scarey! It seems like everything always happens at once sometimes.
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Sounds like bad car karma. How is the bus system in your area until your transportation woes are solved?
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Oh Jillian, I am bummed for you! I have had a real feeling of bad car karma recently too.

Yesterday morning, I was on my way out. Right on my street is a place where the road bends pretty charply, and the road is then. A car was coming right at me, taking the bend w-a-y too wide. I had to squeeze over to the side of the road to miss him, and in the process, misjudged, and clipped a neighbor's mailbox! I put a not-so-nice mark down my passenger side to go along with the one that happened about a month ago in a screwed up accident I was involved in.
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I'm so glad your OK. That could have been really bad. I offer sympathy, however, on the car.

I have been going through a little auto hell myself with my anti freeze boiling. It's been to the mechanic two times and they can't seem to find the problem, even though the same thing happened not even a year ago and then it was the head casket. They said they replaced it, but don't you think the repair should last longer than 10 months?

I see new cars in both our futures.
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A new car would be nice... here's hoping!
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That is scary. I've had my share of bad cars, so I know how you feel. Hopefully you'll get it sorted out soon.
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I'm sorry Jillian! That's Scary! Good Vibes and Hugs coming your way!

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Sometimes I wish that we didn't need cars, my last car we had to get rid of because the transmission went out, well my husband and I bought me another used car and wouldn't ya know it the trasmission is on it's way out, only on this car we still owe $3600 dollars!!
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Just a little update on my 'autohell' situation. Josh and I have been car shopping for two days now. Today we decided on a '95 Honda Accord... 60,000 miles, 4 cyl, 4 door... $6900. We're taking out a loan (this will be our first big purchase together!) and it should be paid off in 3 years. As soon as we get a bit more money together we're going to buy a beater to drive around town if need be. Thanks for all of the good wishes... now please pray that this car doesn't go up in flames as well!!!
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Good for you. I have been shopping and have settled on a 2003 Chevrolet Malibu. They are having fantastic deals right now with interest rates really low. Hopefully we'll both will not be in autohell for a really long time.
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Hondas are the best for reliability! I've had 2 and wish I had never sold them. Sounds like decent mileage for the year of the car too.
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I'm car-shopping, too. There is nothing wrong with my '83 Olds but, it was an emergency purchase and I don't have any feelings for it.

I want another Lincoln Town Car. They're big and comfy, with all of the luxuries, that I like. Bill's BIL hits the auto auctions and he's keeping an eye out, for one.
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