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Jude is a hero again!

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This morning, I noticed that Jude looks so disappointed somehow. Then I SPOTTED a DEAD mouse lying down on the floor next to Jude. EWWWWWW It appears that he just killed a mouse a few minute ago when I came to the hallway. Eww!

We are in the process of moving out to a new home and our stuffs has been moved and most of them are removed. I guess it makes mouse got out somehow!

Jude did kill ONE mouse two years ago. Then the couple of months ago, Mouse is alive while Jude and Tavish had been stayed up all night waiting for mouse to get out of the rug, then, the doll house. that's where I got up and go to the bathroom so often. I saw them so weird but too tired to find out what's up with them till the next monring. I realized that they were waiting to catch mouse when mouse gets out of the doll house. Eww. Look liek we hve 3 mouses so far as for 2 years!

So we are moving in a new home on sunday. I pray that i will never see mouse again if i do then i ll have to do something! Oh well! This morning, Jude is very proud that he did it! Tavish does want to do but Jude is in his way all the time.

sorry if it's a disgust story..
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LOL Frisky Feline - thats sweet of your cats to make sure that you are safe from the mice! I am sure they will keep protecting you at your new home!

Good luck with your move and come back soon!
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Thanks, Kelley.. I should mention that Jude looks disppointed because the fun is over for him.. He keeps searching for more mouses. SO, i bet they both will have new adventure at a new home all over again.

Yep, they are my men..
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Go kitty go!

My Coco catches lizards that climb on our screened in back yard but instead of killing them she brings them in the house to show me while they are still alive. I am always chasing lizards out of my house.
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awww what a good kitty!!!
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Jude and Tavish are adorable!
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