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Our Daly Thread for Friday, June 15

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Hi everyone and Happy Friday!!

Just counting the hours before I get outta this place to start my wonderful weekend at Cape Cod with Rene, Michele and Sandie. No cats, no husband, boyfriends, significant others and no children!!!

:blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:

Now that cause to celebrate!!!! Here's to great friends and a terrific weekend!!!

See you Sunday night!!

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Donna; How WONDERFUL this WEEKEND with THE GIRLS sounds!!!!! Hope your weather is "EXCELLENT" ! :pinky:
All of you; travel carefully and return safely on Sunday/Monday to fill us in so we can "vicariously" enjoy this with you. . . .
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I am not counting the hours, I am counting the minutes and seconds. I can not wait to get out of here! I am really looking forward to this weekend. It will be a blast! Can't wait to have my first Mike's Hard Lemonade. I can taste it already.

See ya later!

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I told Rene I was buying a bottle of Champagne to celebrate our Cat Fancy Unsung Heroes article. I've been calling all over to see if any of the book stores has it yet. THEY DON'T!! I guess subscribers get it first.

I am counting the NY minutes till I blow this bagel joint!! Don't know what I'm drinking yet, but I'm

See you soon!!

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LOL yall...I am pretty ready too. I even got a bonus...well sort of. Kylee was up all night with an ear ache. So I had to stay home today and take her to the Dr. She has an ear infection but the motrin is helping her now. I am just glad I got this all taken care of before I left her home with dad. Nothing like a trip to the ER!!!
I hope everyone here has a great weekend. That and the weather is nice for everyone.
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You are all making me so-o-o-o-o-o ENVIOUS!!!!!

If we ever have a "Cat Site Reunion" can we have it on CAPE COD ? ! ? ! ? Please, PLEASE, "Please"
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I so agree with 3LK! I was reading this post jealously myself. My family used to vacation on the Cape every summer when I was a kid. My best friend had a house on the Vineyard, and I spent time there too. Boy, do I miss those days!

I am being lazy this morning. My 10-page bear of a paper is done and handed in, so I am taking a breather before starting the next project for this professor who doesn't seem to understand the meaning of moderation.

My daughter departs for Australia on Sunday, so it's time to get out the final checklist on packing. My son is off to Houston on Monday to visit my mother. I hope the flood waters have receded there.

Hope everybody has a great weekend, although I'll probably talk to you.
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Oh girls, I am SO jealous! :tounge2: See, I'm green with envy. A weekend away without husband or kids sounds wonderful. Actually a weekend away with my husband but without the kids sounds wonderful. We have a baby sitter lined up for tomorrow night for the first time ever. Yes, my daughter is almost 5, and this is the first time I'm leaving them with someone other than my parents or my neighbors. I'm hoping it works out well so we can have a regular sitter and a regular date night once a month. I think we're going to go to dinner at the Outback Steak place. Yum.

Have a great weekend!

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If you do go to the Outback, make sure you leave room for dessert and order the Carmel Oblivion. It is to DIE FOR!!!! Enjoy!

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I will agree...a dinner alone with Hubby is called for here too.
I just talked to Rene and she is at work but wanted to resond to TLK's post. She said if we ever could all get together for a catsite reunion or union...we all would be welcome to do it at the cottage on the cape
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I'm with you, Donna. The Thunder From Down Under has nothing on the Cinnamon Oblivion! I was so upset when Outback took it off the menu. Apparently others felt the same way, because they brought it back.

We go just for dessert sometimes because I never have room for dessert after a full meal.

My ex-boyfriend used to be an accountant for Outback. We ate 50% off. Needless to say we were in there constantly.
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I hope you guys all have a GREAT time!!! I too am jealous!!!! I wish I could be part of the "gang" and go with you!!!

But I DO hope you have a wonderful time! tell us all about it when you get back!
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I guess I'll have to try to squeeze dessert in after I eat a Bloomin' Onion, prime rib, and baked potato. Making me hungry. Too bad we're having fish sticks tonight.

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MMMMMMMMMMMMM.... Bloomin' onion (dipped in ranch) Prime rib and baked potato....with lots of sour cream....

Okay now...who is to blame for making me so dang hungry!! :laughing:
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DIPPED IN RANCH!!!!!! Yes, yes! That's how I order it too! As a matter of fact, Debby, you just descibed my exact Outback meal! What a coincidence!
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Great minds think alike!!!!
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