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I recently adopted a 7 yr-old purebred abyssinian

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cat. She seems to have stools of normal consistancy, BUT twice in the past few days, I have found a TINY, stringy piece of bloody, mucousy stool? on the side of my bathroom vanity and on the floor. Her anal opening is clean with only a piece of litter here and there. I am taking her to my vet on Fri. Has anyone had this happen with Aby's and is it something to worry about? She seems healthy in every way. No real diarreha, No vomiting, etc. Any help from Aby owners or owners with new cats under stress would be appreciated!
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It's possible that there's a parasite, so I would have them do a fecal to make sure. The two most common reasons for bloody stool is an irritation, usually caused by switching foods, or stress. If you changed the diet, then that could be it, or the stress of a new home could have done the trick.
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get her appetite started. She hadn't eaten her regular dry food until I gave her the canned. Also I just got her on Mon, so I suspect it is stress related as she is trying to cope with a new home and cat at the same time. She really flipped out when I tried to get her in a carrier today to take her to the vet. She growled, hissed, struggled,urinated on the floor, and tried to bite me. I feel terrible becuase she is a sweet cat otherwise. I finally cornered her and "herded" her into the carrier. I was a wreck after I got her in it. My oldest cat NEVER has tried to bite or struggle that much. The last three cats I have adopted ALL have had to be tranquilized to be examined and I guess Holly is the same. *sigh*. My parents think I am getting "bad" cats from the rescues. I have tried to explain that my oldest cat's reaction and submissive behavior under stress, is extremely rare for a cat. I hope I didn't make things worse for her by bringing her to the vet so soon after getting her.
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I am sure she's going to be fine. It's better to get her over to the vet first thing. That way for your own peice of mind, you know she's okay. She will get over the stress in time, but if she may have something it's better to get it taken care of right away
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When we first got our Abby Rocket, he had diarreha but was eating normally and seemed ok, but the watery ickys I called them didn't seem to stop, so we went to the vet for a checkup and he ended up being allergic to chicken and had coxcidda(sp?). so we started to feed him Pro plan beef and rice and all the ickys went away.
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