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OMG how do you get rid of FLEAS!!!!!!!!!

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I have never ever had a flea problem and yeasterday I went to clean up the bathroom isadora spend alot of time in (I haven't been in there since she passed and there are FLEAS and lots of them! I thought fleas couldn't live with out a host??? That bathroom is attached to the master bedroom. I checked all the cats and they don't look like they have them yet but i'm going to pick up some flea stuff from the vet today. I'm so upset I really think i'm going to go into a panic attack.
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this isn't really health this is an EMERGANCY about my house! I know how to get rid of fleas on a kitty, I don't know how to get rid of them when they are in a room before they get on my cats
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Val, there are sprays you can buy at Petco and places like that.

Also, use something like Advantage to treat the adult cats. Don't use flea collars, except to wear around your ankles if you're getting bit up while cleaning.
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Hubby said he will do the room and the bedroom. I think i'm going to have to rewash allll our clothes! I know what i'm doing the 4th or july! I have to go to the vet and pic up sebastion, so i'll get some advantage, is there another brand called front line? Do that work??
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From what I've heard, I would use Advantage.
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There is another flea drop called Bio Spot. It is supposed to be really good. I had major flea problems when I had 10 cats. Now that I have 5, there is hardly any fleas.

Sprinkle your carpets with Borax and let it sit for a couple of hours. It dehydrates the flea eggs and makes them hatch prematurely. It is safe to use around cats and humans!
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Bio spot will only keep the fleas from reproducing. It won't kill them. My vet recomends Siphotrol as an area treatment. Fleas can go for very long periods of time drinking only water. They only need blood for egg developement.
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Val, ask the vet or pet store if there is some kind of "bomb" (room diffuser) you can use in the bathroom and perhaps bedroom to kill fleas at all stages. I know I've seen advertisements for such a product, but for the life of me, I can't remember the name. Maybe the stuff Dragon Lady just recommended? If you have (or can borrow or rent) a steam cleaner, use it on any textiles or cat furniture. Just don't ruin the carpet by soaking it. And good luck.
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The safest thing that will take care of your cats and the house population is Advantage. It starts working within 12 hours and within a day or two should kill the house population.

I work at an animal hospital and I do not even want to tell you about ho many cats come in dying or already dead b/c of over the counter flea control. Bio-Spot is the number one killer, and Hartz is right behind them. There are even lawsuits against these companies.

Do not bathe your cats 3 days before or 3 days after you apply Advantage. It wont work.

Good luck!
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i'm going ot go the vet and get advantage but the flies are not on the cats. They are pretty much confined to a closed off room (hopefully) I would never use anything over the counter on my babies. So i'm going to treat teh cats just to be safe but the room is what i'm really trying to get rid of the flies it.
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Definitely get the Advantage, I've been using it for years down here in San Antonio - we have fleas here all year long, so much fun! Just make sure the vet knows the ages of your cats (you can't use it on kittens under 4 months, if I remember right, all of my cats are old). Your vet may recommend something like Program for the younger ones.

Your vet should also carry or can recommend a carpet spray or fogger for the affected rooms. Make sure that it's aired out completely before you let your cats in; cats are VERY sensitive to pesticides. Always ask a vet if it's OK before you use pesticide in your home or on your pets.

Fleas can also cause tapeworms if your cat swallows one; watch for rice-like packets in your cats' sleeping areas or near their tails - if you see these, you'll need to get tapeworm medicine from your vet.

Also, you might want to put on bug repellent before you go in the affected room, or the fleas will all jump on you, to be carried around the house. Horrible creatures!

Good luck!
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Originally posted by KaiUKats
It starts working within 12 hours and within a day or two should kill the house population.
Umm..the entire house population? Isn't that a bit extreme?

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If you treat all the cats with advantage the fleas will jump on the cats again and die. The fleas are looking for the cats for food, and just one bite of the cat they will be dead with in hours. I have gotten rid of fleas that way myslef and have recommended it for other people.

Also, advantage can be used on kitten as young as 8 weeks. Just make sure its the dose for kittens.
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I use Advantage seems to work well for mine.
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*chuckles softly* well I have one advantage over all of you. I live in canada where it's too cold to have fleas! *chuckles* I've never had to deal with a flea, and I hope I never do.

~ Salem
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I think they are all gone now. hubby fogged that room and they seem to gone.
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That's good news. What product/fogger did you use, just for future reference?
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*grins* yeah I wouldn't mind knowing so I can put it on my list of things for friends of mine.

~ Salem
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he used hot shot fogger. you let it do it's thing for two hours and then air out the room for half an hour.
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Wash down your walls, counters, and floors. Any surface your cats may walk on. The fogger is very potent and may harm the kitties if they lick it off their fur or feet.

I would use hot soapy water and rinse it well.

Glad the fleas are gone!
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the kitties aren't allound in that room , but rich is going to wash it top to bottom in case one wonders on in.
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