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PLEASE HELP!! kittens born

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My cat had her kittens last night, 2 were born fine, then the third cam and it was much smaller almost half the size of others, with very little hair on it's body. Also what looks like to be eyes and ears that aren't fully formed. I fell asleep after the first two births as it didn't look like there were going to be anymore. at 4 in the morning i woke and found it. It's still alive, however is very weak and i don't think it can nurse off mum. have tried to hold it there etc.
Vets open at nine, but till then does anyone know what i can do to help? Also there doesn't seem to be much milk, i have to squeeze and check very carefully to see even a drop, is that normal?
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Take this kitten to an Emergency vet clinic NOW This kitten needs a professional's help. It could be birth defect from an inbred cat or something else. The kitten needs to be kept warm- if you have a hot water bottle, fill it and wrap it in a towel and place it in the box with mom and her kittens. Chances are mom knows something is wrong with it and she will not let it nurse.

You cannot express milk from the mom's nipples but the kittens can. Let the healthy ones nurse her, they will find her by her purring, and they will claim a nipple apiece, put their scent on it and go to the same nipple everytime they nurse- but please take the little one to the vet NOW! Or call you vet and tell him you have an emergency and ask him to meet you at his clinic!
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should i take all of them to vets? this kitten is so frail, am worried bout the journey there. Vets open in ten mins
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You can take the whole family if you wish, but please don't put the sick kitten in with the family in the carrier, mom may kill it. Keep it separate wrapped up in a warm towel close to your chest.

Now go and good luck!
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Good Luck! I hope the sick one's alright!

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Will be keeping the kitten in my thoughts and prayers! I really hope it will be ok.

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Have taken them to the vet, the little one has a cleft palate.Thats where the hard palate between the nasal cavity and the oral cavity has not developed fully, ie when he eats, food may exit through the nose
Still at least he's now started to suckle, only for a short while, but at least there's something in him. Grace is a star and is tending to him well. It's a bit sad as the other 2 kittens are literally twice his size and push him out of the way for the nipple with the most milk.
Apparently the kitten is likely to have other problems as well, which will only be apparent as he develops Surgery may be possible in the future for the cleft. Poor baby, so small and so many problems already. Please pray for this little one.
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Sending prayers for the mom and all 3 of her kittens...may they all be healthy and strong.
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sending you little kitties lots of prayers!
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Oh poor kitty! I will be praying for the entire family and especially that little one.
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I was praying for the little one all night. You might ask the vet to show you how to tube feed and start supplementing this tiny one right away. You have to be dedicated and committed, the kitten will need to be fed every two hours around the clock. KMR and talk to your vet about some liquid nutrients you can add to the formula to help increase the odds of this little one to survive. Please know, this little one is very compromised health-wise. Anything can happen when they are so young like this.

THANK YOU for doing the responsible thing and getting this little one to the vet quickly.

Best of luck!
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Aw poor little baby! ((((( sending good vibes your way )))))
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Thankyou all for your support, it's going to be hard, but i'll try my best with this little one.
Thankyou MA for your speedy and helpful advice, i will be following it up.
Will keep you all updated on him.

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We are all thinking about you and your new kitty and are sending good kitty vibes your way, hang in there
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*definatly good vibage heading your way* Best of luck hun!

~ Salem
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For a baby with cleft palate the best chance of survival is tube feeding. Ask your vet to show you exactly how to do. It sounds harder than it is. It should only take about 2 minutes to feed him.

Use the following kitten glop formula to feed. For the first few week feed every 2-3 hours. Feed 1cc per oz of body weight. When the baby is 8 oz feed 1.5cc per oz of body weight. Even if the baby is sleeping wake him up to feed him. Potty the baby when you are done. Take a warm washcloth and wipe the genital area to stimulate it to go to the bathroom. This is VERY important b/c babies cannot relieve themselves. The baby will urinate every time and defecate every other time.

Here is the kitten glop formula:

13 oz water
1 can (12 oz)Evaporated milk (not the fat free)
4 egg yolks
2 Tbs Plain yogurt
2 tsp Karo Syrup
1 package Plain Gelatin

Boil the water and add the plain gelatin. Stir until it is completely dissolved. Take the mixture off the heat and add the evaporated milk. Wait until it has cooled off and add the other ingredients. Mix well. You can pour it into empty ice cube trays and store in the freezer. Take out what you need and thaw it. Make sure it is warm but NOT hot when you feed the baby.

If you would like info on how to tube feed email me at

Good luck!

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Elizabeth is right about the potty stimulation, but if mom is licking and grooming this little one and not ignoring it, then the best thing to do is let mom have that duty! Just put the kitten into the bed after feeding, and if mom doesn't right away start licking it then put a very small dab of cat food near the base of the tail and see what happens. If mom starts licking, great, if not, get out the warm water and the gauze pads!
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Wishing you the best of luck with this poor baby.
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I'll be keeping your little one in my thoughts. Poor little baby.
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Very upsetting, last night, Grace decided she didn't want the baby anyomore
Poor thing i heard it crying went to check it and saw it on the other side of the box. I put it to the mother, and she picked it up and tossed it away from her again
Thats it now, sole responsibility of this kitten is on me, and it just so weak and frail, really feels like every minute counts.
To make matters worse, this morning a (now former friend) told me i should put it to sleep, saying surgery is too expensive and not worth it etc. I told her there is NO WAY. This little kitten is so tiny, but it's alive and it's fighting, it has a will to live despite all odds being against it.
Am feeling very upset and emotinal today, i know Grace is only doing what instinct tells her to do, but it's so heartbreaking
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My concern was growing as your posts continued without resolution about the pregnancy. Now that they are here my heart is with you even more. Try not to be too hard on your friend, she probably doesn't understand how important your kitties are to you.
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My heart goes out to you hun. I had problems with my little Hobo too. My friends all said "Just put her out of her mysery..." But I didn't want to loose her. Trust me, you'll find a way and if your friends are truely your friends, they'll help you out as best they can (even if they don't agree with what you are doing).

You have my full support hun and if you EVER need someone to talk to just PM me, or e mauil me at ok?

*lots of love and hugs*

~ Salem
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here is something you can do, I call it my pouch potato sack. It works really well with tiny compromised kittens.

Take an empty pillow case- start folding over the open ends down-ward, make it about half the length it was. Take a section of soft cotton rope,lay it under the fold and then drape the rope over you shoulder and around your neck. Mark it where it lies right next to your heart- then cut the rope to that length.

Take it off and sew a quick running stitch to secure the rope underneath the fold (you should have a soft purse. Take some washclothes or soft rags and roll them up and place them in the bottom of the pouch. Lay the kitten down on top of the soft bed, place the pouch over your shoulder, and then take a long sleeved loose shirt and button her up inside you. Your body heat will warm her, and your heartbeat will help to calm her.

Now on the realistic side of things, your friend is correct the surgery for this repair is very steep. The kitten is going to need constant care and monitoring. You will need to know how to do tube feedings and it would be a good idea for you to ask your vet if he will show you how to give subcutaneous fluids as well. Because as the kitten grows, she may need the extra fluid. You have to feed her every two hours, you cannot miss not with her being so compromised.

If you do not have the time, the patience or the funds for this type of kitten and your vet agrees, then you should put her down. Is she is pain? Probably not, but she in uncomfortable, and you will have to provide her with comfort, take over helping her have bowel movements and provide for her around the clock. It is a daunting task, and I may be wrong, but I do not think anyone would judge you harshly if you decided to end her life peacefully. She is not out of the woods yet- she is more prone to bacterial infections then a normal kitten and she won't have the advantage of moms antibodies- she could just fail on you and fade away.

It is your choice, and again, no one would fault you if you decided to have her euthanized, and they would applaud you if you decided to keep her. You may do everything in your power to save her, and it may not be enough. If you can understand the risks to you and her then perhaps you can make a sound judgement. No one should tell you what to do, but you should know what you are in for. I hope this has not upset you.

Best of luck whatever you decide.
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Thanks to eveyone who has lent support and advice in this difficult time.
The little kitten passed away last night. I had tried my best with him but from the start it seemed things weren't on his side. It was heartbreaking watching him being rejected by his mother, and although some may think i should have put him to sleep earlier, i felt i had to keep trying with him till the end.
But it wasn't meant to be and at least now his suffering is over. It breaks my heart, and watching the other two i can't help but think there should have been three.

God bless you little one, i know you're in a better place now.
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I'm so sorry..
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I am very sorry you lost this little one. I do not know of a good success story for kittens born with a cleft palate. The odds are to far set against them. You tried your best and no one can fault you for that.
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So sorry. You did your best and my heart goes out to you.
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