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Hi Viva!!!

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I noticed you on and wanted to say hi! Haven't seen you around much lately. It's good to see you!
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Awww! Thanks! You are so sweet!

Yeah, I am leaving at 6am tomorrow to go out of town, just got done packing, and figured I'd stop by, since I've been so busy lately!!

Me, Alex, and Andrew (Alex's twin) are all going to Texas for the 4th of July. (Hopefully I won't get killed by fireworks or anything . . . they are little pyros with the fire-crackers! I almost got hit by one a couple years ago that turned sideways before it went off.)
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I actually may stay up all night . . . that may be easier than going to bed now and getting up in 4 hours.
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I saw you too Viva! How's Luna? Pictures Please

Miss you!

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She's doing much better. The ringworm is almost gone. I haven't been posting pic's (or taking any) since she's been so bedraggled and has also been about the color of pee. (From the sulphur-lime dip.) She stinks, too. But she is getting better. I'm hoping to start posting pic's when I get back from Texas.
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I'm glad to hear she's getting better! God Bless her furry-socks

I look forward to seeing more photos of her soon

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She is getting so big! She's already 4lbs! And she isn't even 4 months yet!
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Awww I can't wait to see more pictures of her!
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Awwwww Cute!

from Aunty Sam!
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Hey Viva!

How's it going? Nice to *see* you here! 4 pounds already??? LOL Would love to see pics bedraggled or not!
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Hope you have a safe and fun trip Viva! See ya when you return and please bring pictures of Luna with you!
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