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This man is my Hero!

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Wahoooo! This man is my HERO!

I love it!

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Haha! Good for him!
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Cool article! It's nice to hear about those jerks getting a taste of their own poison. (Why do people always say "medicine"?) And better yet they were given a generous helping of it too.
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That cracks me up!! I'll have to remember that and try it next time the tellemarketers won't go away!!!
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I needed that laugh

It kind of sounds like something I would come up with if I had the time.

Whenever telemarketers call me, I become very dumb, very quick, and for some reason I just have no idea what they are trying to sell. I think the longest I've kept one on the phone was 20 minutes. She was explaining to me what a newspaper was for 20 minutes!!

You can't do that for a machine though which is really disappointing.
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Great idea, thanks for sharing.
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Great idea! Is anybody else having trouble with the smilies? For the past few days, there has been no reaction when I've clicked "Get More".
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Man, can I relate to that! There was a glass company here that did the same thing to me a couple of years back. Doesn't matter if you tell them to take you off their list; they don't. I hope the governments new program works. I solved the problem on my own. I only have my cell phone now. And I give out my office number or office fax number as my home number so I don't get telemarketer calls!
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Nice! I wish I would have thought to do that!
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Jcat: Have you recently installed a Pop Up Blocker? I can't Get More smilies while I have mine turned on. I was a bit confused and frustrated the first times it happened and I couldn't figure out why.
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