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Hi from Tennessee

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Hi, From what I have read here, everyone seems so friendly, but of course, that is because we are all cat people!! ha. I am new here, too, and hope that the pictures of the babies come up, but I'm not that great at manipulating pictures, so bear with me.... From left, that is the twins, Tova (seal point) and Antje (5); next are Noelle (6) (the lone male, though everyone is neutered!), Ellie (7), and Sasha(6); then comes Yasmine, who will be 19 in August, and Piper, who is 16. They are all "rescue babies," adopted as adults... though I cannot see for the life of me why anyone would do that to them... they are all such babies. But...that's a lot of litterboxes!! hahaha. Looking forward to getting to know lots of people.
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Hello! Welcome
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welcome!! You have a bunch of cuties!! All my kitties are rescues that i found as kittens or that my feral kitty snowwhite had (she is getting fixed this month! yea!!! ) You can see pics of all my kittie below!
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Welcome to the site! It is a beautiful group of babies you have there.

And you're right, it is a pretty friendly place here!
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Hi & Welcome!

Lovely kitties! We are really friendly here and WATCH out this site is addictive

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kikim, just wanted to welcome you aboard! Looks like you have a pretty full house of furbabies!
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Hi and Welcome! It's very interesting and useful site, hope you'll like it!
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