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Abyssinian in WI needs a home

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It seems there have been few if any inquiries about Cleo in Wisconsin. Can anyone help?
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it is so sad when people get rid of pets just because they have a baby! Espeical cats!! Scoop the litter, give them food, pat them on the head..that is all they need! Food, love and attention! (and of course the V - E - T once in awhile)
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I always think, if some people treated their kids the way they treat their pets, they'd be in jail for child abuse. Pet adoption should ideally be for the rest of the animal's life. Of course, there are circumstances when that cannot be, such as severe illness or allergies. But when I hear of people getting rid of pets because they're moving and can't take the pets with them, I always wonder, how hard did they look for a place that would allow pets? I would never willingly live somewhere that I could not have my furkids with me!!!
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I love my many furkids and even If dh and I did move someday we would even trap ashton and lilly and bring them with us. I couldn't live anybody behind! I just love my babies to much!
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Just out of curiosity do you know have these people contacted Happy Endings? I'm not sure where in Wisconsin this cat is or how much time is left, but if you can contact them or know how I can I would be willing to talk to them about getting on our waiting list.
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The cat is with the National Abyssinian Rescue, so is not in any danger of euthanasia or anything terrible like that, it's just that the poor dear needs a furrever home.
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Oh good I'm glad to hear that from what I read on the site it sounded like it was going to the humane society. That's why I offered. I will definatly keep that rescue in mind & if I know of anyone looking for an Abby I'll let them know about the rescue & that they have a cat in Wisconsin.
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it is to bad none of them can live with other cats,I have 5 and I will not give them up to help one of these,I would like to have one.
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Sherral, I agree. The Aby rescue had offered me a chance at a gorgeous Aby girl in NYC, but she absolutely had to be an only cat, she would freak out if she even smelled another cat on someone's clothes! So, no way. I knew my Aby would find me eventually!

After a week with Khepera, I will say that he and I are well smitten with one another. He is a love, full of purrs, chirps and headbumps. He comes to me when I call him, he's learning his new name very quickly, and he loves to come running over and FLOP next to me (I call it stop, flop and roll ). He gets along fabulously with the other cats, he snuggled next to Jules during yesterday's thunderstorm for moral support and he gets groomed by Midnight. I was truly lucky to find him!!!
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Cleo is on our web page.http://www.abys.net/NAR/adopt.htm The owners tell me she must be out of their house in a week. So we are looking for a foster home for this poor girl, or better yet a furrever home. Can anyone help? Since she is the only cat, we have no idea how she will get along with other cats.
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Sue, did anyone adopt her? I truly home she finds a furever home...and soon!
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No, she hasn't, at least they haven't posted an update on the NAR website.

There are a bunch of Abys right now on there that need homes. I wish I could take another cat, but we are at our limit. Holly in particular tugs at my heartstrings...

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