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Ping pong box, why

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Why take the flaps off the box and cut a hole in the side? I just brought a box home and put the pingpong balls in and Chewy is in and out of it constantly with the flaps closed. He is having a ball!!
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lmao!! I did the same thing for Zoey she loves it!
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Ava loves the 12 pack boxex from my Diet Coke! She jumps in and takes her toys in there, although soon she probably won't be able to fit into them all of the way anymore!
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I just have always cut the flaps off, allows them to jump in and out of it cleaner, and the hole give them an alternate way to get into the box. But whatever works!
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The pepsi cube was Chewy's first toy.
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I've gotta cut the flaps off mine or Echo chews the corners completely off! I don't want her get that lodged in her gut! That little girl is like an Algae Eater...eats what ever is on the floor or anything she shouldn't have!
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Haha.. sounds like someone I know.....
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Here are some pics of her in the box. I appologize for the blurryness. I don't know what happened. Maybe I was shaking

Isn't he a cutie? Am I prejuduced (sp) or what?
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LOL how cute!!
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That's so gorgeous!
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I have a narrow box with little holes cut out on both sides so you can sort of see through to the other side, and inside is a ping pong ball and a little cat nip mouse hanging from the roof of the box. It's sandwiched between the table leg and a chair....

It's fun if you have more than one cat... They stick their paws through and try and get the mouse and the ball and each other.
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My kitties love any box I bring home...they are like kids wanting to know what I brought home from the store..,,The love bags, boxes, anything in that sort.....
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