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Why My Cats Are Simply Purrfect! How about yours?

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1. They greet me at the door after I've been gone all day.

2. They curl up in bed with me at night and never fail to tell me goodnight.

3. Tiger becomes a great foot warmer during the winter months.

4. Socrates makes a great chest/stomach warmer year round.

5. They never forget to let me know who is in charge (Them).

6. Socrates will sit next to me and stare at me with a "I want love" look until I encourage him into my lap.

7. Tiger will follow me from room to room and roll onto his back and give me that "I want love" and "I love you" look.

8. They never fail to tell me when the litter box is past due for a change.

9. If I come home smelling like another cat, they are sure to chastize me, followed by an appropriate "ignore dad" period.

10. When guest are here and I go to the bathroom and shut the door, they never forget to let me know that I am in the wrong for keeping them out of their bathroom.
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:laughing: :laughing2:
How very true!!!
My cat is also perfect but I am aware that so are all cats!!!
Eric is the most wonderful creature ever and I'm sure so are Tiger and Socrates
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Muffy's a perfect cat because:

She puts up with the kids playing "vet" with her

She loves to lay on my chest and purr after the kiddos are in bed

She loves to rub, nibble, and hug my husband's feet (don't ask)

She's undemanding enough to have when I have to care for two small children

She loves me best!

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Squirt talks to me when nobody else is here.

Joey acts like being petted is the most wonderful thing in the universe.

I can never oversleep with these 2 alarm clocks around.

I have recently read that purring has healing powers. Well, I feel healed!

There's nothing in the world like kitten eyes looking up at you.
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My cats are perrfect because:

they let me know they love me no matter what

they "tell" me I'm wonderful (usually at food time )

they always have time for a hug

they always forgive me

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I am constantly telling everyone in my house that my cat is the most perfect little angel....

...one of these days they will begin to believe me.
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My cats LOVE to hear me SING!!

(I, in turn love kitty voices)

My cats know that I make the "cutest catnip meeces" at holiday time

(they, in turn, bring me anything and everything they hunt down or trap!!!)

They, also let me know when I try to cut corners on less expensive food; that they are "Worth the GOOD STUFF!!!"

They never fail to let me know that "I obviously shut that door by mistake". . . because they can't seem to get to me. . . . .

If I sit still; they NEVER let my lap go EMPTY.

If I appear to be sad or crying for no reason) ; they immediately do something cute or totally ridiculously stupid so I can laugh again! :laughing:
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I agree with ALL of you!!! Everything you said!

One thing that really hit me...(in the heart) was when my father passed away...and mom had already been gone for 3 years, and my sister-in-law, who had recently lost both of her parents, said...."The hardest part is giving up that unconditional love...because you will never find it anywhere other than your parents."
But you know what...that is wrong...I have that from my cats!
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Baby keeps law and order in the house - He is the Alpha Cat
Lumpy is such a fraidy cat - but not with mom!
Bootsie never lets a bowl go unlicked!
Little Red is a reformed Feral and just appreciates everything - Also - she is the Watch-dog of the house.
Noodles just adores my husband - which helps with him tolerating the uniqueness of the rest!
My Outdoor Feral Goldie is so purrfect too as she finally trusted me enough to bring me her 4 beautiful children to help her watch out for....

I also have to agree with all the rest of your thoughts on this subject - there is no love like furry love!
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