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Dumb question here...

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I apparently broke my watch today at work and now I'm searching for a new one. But, I don't want to buy one at Walmart (I know, I'm such a bad employee!)...so I've been searching the Internet for one.

What kind of watch is the best kind? I've noticed that a lot of people are wearing Fossil watches, but I can't find one that I really like.

So, what kind of watch do you have and where did you buy it?
Thanks...sorry, for the dumb question!
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I was thinking the same thing too Shell - I haven't worn a watch for years, never have liked wearing them, but I do need to get one. I really liked the ones I saw at kmart - they have smiley faces in place of their face - I LOVE smiley faces - have always liked them.
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For some reason Kellye, a smilie face watch fits you perfectly!

For myself though, I need something casual but yet can be dressy...stylish too. See? I can't find anything that fits all of those in one!
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Look on eBay. I got a neat leopard print one on there last year, it still works.
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I'm off to check it out now!
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Just clicked on Ebay...
Who in the world (beside Celebrities and Millionares) would buy a Rolex? My God...they want $2000 for a stinkin' watch!
That is wayyyyyyyy outta my price range!
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LOL out of mine too!!!!

My own preference is for a cheaper watch that looks cool and will last about a year or so. You can always replace the battery if you want it to last longer.
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I have a nice simple Seiko my Dad bought for me and my sis-in-law one year for Christmas. It's got a plain face, and the band is silver and gold, so it goes with everything. I just need to get off my lazy backside and get a new battery for it...
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At the very most, I will spend up to $70 but prefer to spend much less than that. I don't mind spending a little more money on good quality. That is one reason why I'm not buying mine at Walmart. The past 3 watches have been purchased there and they last me 2 years max...the original battery is still good, but the watch fell apart.

Anyone know if Fossil is a good brand? I've never owned one, so I don't know if it's a good investment.
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Found this one on www.fossil.com
I like it, but I don't love it. What do you guys think?

BTW, it's $65!
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I have a Bulova that my boss gave me for Christmas a couple years back!
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Holy Moses Sicy! I just checked out that site! They've got a nice watches...with some nice price tags! You must have a very generous boss!
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Really?? Wow now I wonder how much it costs

Well, considering she lives in a $7 million house and has about 10 cars including a brand new porsche SUV......... :
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I get my watches from Avon, my latest watch happens to be one with Elvis Presley on the face of it (I am an Elvis fan and collector), but I have had it for 2 yrs now and it still works, I have never replaced the batteries yet!
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Hmm I dont see mine on that website.
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Looks nice though!

So, what do you think of that watch that I posted? Yeah? Nay?
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Sicy, this one is the closest I found on that site. It's price is $150!
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Originally posted by Shell
Looks nice though!

So, what do you think of that watch that I posted? Yeah? Nay?
It's a really pretty watch. I just personally like smaller bands-I have very small wrists, and so look for smaller bands. And, it seems a little busy-what do all the markings on the outside band mean?
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I think it's the second's markings. Since there is 60 seconds in a minute and around that circle it goes up to 60...I'm just assuming though. Kind of dumb if thats the case...since that's a no brainer.

It is a bigger watch, but I've got big wrists & larger hands. I've definitely got basketball player hands! Too bad I never liked to play that game!
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Originally posted by Shell
Looks nice though!

So, what do you think of that watch that I posted? Yeah? Nay?
I like it but I think you should get a more feminine one
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Originally posted by Shell
Sicy, this one is the closest I found on that site. It's price is $150!
That sounds about right LOL. Too bad she is not as generous with raises
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I've got a Bulova watch too. I thought it was about $100 but hubby about fell off his chair when I asked and he said it was about $300. We got each other really nice watches for our engagement presents (he got a Blue Angels watch since he was in the Air Force, and it does everything but wipe you!). I don't remember paying that much for it, so it may have been on sale or something....

Just looked on the site and they don't have mine at all anymore. It looks kinda like this one, but the diamond chips are only around the face of the watch, not down the sides, and it has a black face. This one sells for $325, so it has to be much cheaper than that, and I swear it was on clearance.

I've had it for over 3 years and this is the first time I've ever had a watch last that long. I've VERY hard on watches!
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Wow that is a beautiful watch!
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I agree! That is beautiful! I'd be afraid to wear it!
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I say Timex! All of my watches that I have ever owned (with the exception of one from my grandma) have been Timex, and they all still work, except the one I got for like my 8th birthday or somewhere around there, it got washed in the washer too many times!! lol It still mostly works, though. It was a glow-in-the-dark one which was great! I still have it, and hope to get it fixed sometime. I have one that I got 2 years ago, it's black leather strap, and silver around the face, really nice. I thought I had lost that one, so I got another one, it's not a Timex, but it's a bit dressier, it's silver linked. I'm not very good at describing, so I'll try to get some pics of it, and post it.....if I can figure out how
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I normally buy my watches at JCpenny or boscovs. the last one I bought had a bracelet brand and I nice watch face. It looks like a grown up watch but if you look close it has pooh on the watch face
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Fossils are VERY Good watches. Craig has one and I loooove it. There are some really pretty feminine fossils out there too.

Craig got me and Anne Klein watch with a single diamon to mark the '12' spot for Christmas two years ago. I love that watch. Currently the battery is dead and I need to replace it. It has interchangable faces. One face is Onyx, one face is Jade, one face is mother of pearl, and one face is a bunch of diamonds. Its absolutely beautiful, and I love that I change the faces so it feels and looks like a totally different watch, and I can change it to match my style of clothing. Casual or formal!
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I the watch selection at Nordstrom's. Here's a link to their watch collection under $100: And many are under $70! They have really nice watches from Anne Klein and DKNY.
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I swear by my swiss army watch - it is actually very beautiful - it isn't chunky or anything!
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