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Texas newbie

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Howdy everyone!

My name is Jellybelly! My human slave is Kimberly. I'm a silver/grey tabby and pretty fat looking due to my human's caviar taste in cat food. However, I think she is sneaking in some cheap meow mix these days In the recent months I've become bombarded by a fat baby that likes to pull my ears and tail. One day I might use his bed as a litterbox. oops, I forgot my slave is typing this since my paws are too big. Anyway, nice to join feline lovers, I am happy where I am. Purrs to everyone!
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Hi! Welcome to TCS! It's rather addicting, so consider yourself warned!
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Welcome to the site Kimberley and JellyBelly! What a CUTE name for a kitty!!!

Shell's right, this place is very addicting. But that's a good thing for most of us.
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Jellybelly! How adorable!
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Welcome, you are going to love it here!
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Hi Jellybelly! Your human slave gave you a very cute name! You sound like you have a great sense of humor!


Much Ado About Cats
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Hello and Welcome to you both!!
This is TERRIBLY addictive, informative, and soo much fun...
See ya around!
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Welcome to the site Kimberly and Jellybelly! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here! And yes, it is VERY addicting!
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Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! I love being here already! See ya lata'!


Jellybelly's ma
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Our Pleasure Kim
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Hey, Jellybelly. I'm new here to and trust me I'm already addictided. I'm Mini's slave too (though everybody is because she thinks she rules the world.
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Hey Riley
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welcome to the boards!!
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been here less than a month and I loooove it!!!
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Hi JellyBelly! I've seen you around posting but failed to give you a formal welcome, I think. So here it is! Welcome to the site and have a great time!
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