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Can't bear to lose baby.

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Hi, this is my first message, and I thought people talking about elderly cats would understand more how I am feeling. I have a baby who will be 19 next month. She has some trouble with her teeth, but the vet says they think it would stress her too much to try to clean them. I overcame that by chewing chicken or turkey for her, and she is back now to eating kitty food. The thing is, after we get closer and closer because they are dependent, how do we ever stand it when they go? I cannot bear the thought of it. Maybe this is a depressing subject for this forum. We have 7 cats, but Yasmine (that's her picture) is the oldest, and the one I sleep with. She wakes me throughout the night for treats (I think her tummy bothers her if she doesn't keep something in it)--she has food out all the time, but prefers the temptations. She will still play some, too---my bookmark has a string tied through it, and she will bat it. She breathes very hard then, and I try not to play with her too much. I also try not to pick her up as much, and tend to cut out a mat if she gets one. She lays in a condo in front of the door watching the world during the day.... and I have steps for her to get in bed and on the couch. I feel so attuned to her, and connected. You know how kittens will mew to their mother, and then when the mother comes, they make a little trill noise?? Well, Yasmine does this to me. I just cannot stand the thought of losing her.... and I know I have been lucky to have her this long. She was abandoned when she was 10, and I adopted her. I just needed to write this. thank you.
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I know exactly how you feel. My baby is 17 & since her diagnosis with renal failure I feel closer to her. Somehow it's like she knows all the things I do for her I'm doing out of love. Sever people in the vets office told me when they had cats that needed sub-Q fluids it was only a matter of months before their cats wouldn't come near them, after a year & a half of doing sub-q with my cat she still wants to lay with me at least twice a day. She was never an affectionate cat, but as she's aged she seeks out petting more often. I wish I could tell you how you will go on because I often wonder the same thing myself. I think that you will be able to find solace from your other cats. I'll say a little prayer for you & your baby.
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You are so sweet. I appreciate your response.... I even feel I am so ungrateful, because God has allowed me to keep her so long.... thank you for your prayers, too!
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I think its absolutely amazing to have a cat to live to 19!!!
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My 14 year old dsh, Fred, has always been my baby, but for the past few months has been a little more clingy. If I am on the couch, he comes up and twists and turns until he is being held like a baby. He just seems so content to just be cuddled. He just closes his little eyes and lays his head on my chest. Like you, kikim, I canot imagine life without him, and am grateful for every day that I have him. I have moved around so much over the years, besides my s/o, Fred has been the one constant thing in my life. He is still fairly active and playful, but is beginning to look a little raggedy. He was a golden tabby, but over the years, he is just yellow with a white beard. He is kind of a goofy old guy, but I adore him. I consider every day God lets me keep him to be a bonus. You sound like a great kitty mom, and I am sure Yasmine is very lucky to have you.
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I know exactly how you feel! My calico cat is 17, and I don't know how I will cope when her time comes. it's particularly hard on me because I now live in Australia, whereas, she is in the USA with my folks. I've had other cats in the past who passed away, and I wasn't able to be there for them, and it really broke my heart!

I hope you will have many more happy years with Yasmine! She looks and sounds like a very sweet and loveable cat!

Kitty purrs,

Much Ado About Cats
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I know it is hard to think of losing her. Everyone here has either been through that painful experience, or dreads it as much as you do. There are no words to make it easier.

When we spend a decade (or more!) of time with these special kitties, it's not so surprising that they become a part of us. We expect to be able to whisper our secrets into her little ear forever, laugh at her antics and feel sooooooo fine to sneak her a tidbit that prompts a purr.

It will hurt to lose her. I won't lie to you. But that hurt and "absence" we feel is in a way a loving, and vital way to cherish her memory, and honor the time spent with this special cat.

If she didn't mean so much to you--why then, it wouldn't hurt so much. Dreading the future loss, mourning her absence, and honoring her memory is NORMAL, and is what humans do when we feel grief.

Everyone talks about Rainbow Bridge. That's a lovely, endearing story, but for me--I like to think that Rainbow Bridge is closer to me than some otherworldly place. Rainbow Bridge is a REAL location, where my past furry loves wait for me...and are at the same time WITH me...every single moment that I think of them.

To me, Rainbow Bridge is that special place that's found in every pet lover's heart.

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I have a 17 year old Blue Point Siamese, named Snoopy. He's in pretty good health for his age. He's lost some weight in the last 3 years, but he still eats and he loves his mommy as much as she (I) love him.

For the last few years I have been going thru the fear and dread of what it will be like to lose him. I don't think I can take it, to be honest. He's my best friend, and to me, he's my son. He's always been such a loving and affectionate cat, and he still is. He gave up his independant nature to become Mama's baby, and that means a lot to me. How do you say "good-bye" to someone or something who is "pure love"? I am so grateful that I have been so honored to have had the priviledge to spend my life with Snoopy, and for him to have spent his life with me. I do appreciate that I have been so blessed to have known Snoopy, but it hurts so much to think that I might have to say "good-bye" to him. I have other kitties, and they are precious, and I love them with all of my heart, but they are a lot more independant than Snoopy. Snoopy is my baby. So, I really know how you feel.
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