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Is Any Box a Litter Tray?

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Hey everyone

Indie is slowly getting used to going upstairs by himself now (although my heart still skips a beat when he runs down so fast). I am at my computer a lot so I am happy about this as we can keep each other company. However, I just bought some new computer bits and still have a box lying around which he seems to think is his litter tray. He knows where his tray is and returns there if he is downstairs, he also knows EXACTLY where his food is. How can I stop him using random cardboard boxes though which might be lying around the house?
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..well, simple - pick up the card board boxes!! If there aren't any - he can't use them.
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right, or flip them over. Have you tried putting in a second litter pan for him? That would help as well.
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I work with computers and I have boxes about all the time. Flipping them over is a great idea. I am reluctant to put a litter box upstairs, I live in a lovely country area with no road directly outside my front door, just a field, and I am hoping eventually that Indie will become an outside cat and I can keep his litter tray in my front garden so I don't want to get him accustomed to having a litter tray upstairs. It's a lot of fun round here for a cat, lots of trees and bushes and grass.
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Indie's still pretty little, if I remember correctly? He may just not quite have the bladder control to be able to get himself downstairs in time to use the litterbox down there, so he goes in something that seems close to him. Just like little kids, kittens sometimes get so involved in their play and exploring that they forget about potty breaks, and it hits them that they have to go RIGHT NOW. Unlike children, their human parents don't ask them every five minutes if they have to go. Even if the situation will change eventually, it would still be a good idea to give him an option upstairs with you.
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Yes he is little! I guess I could have one here for a few months.

I am still in amazement about how fast he is growing, he is also turning into a little rascal. He is still only 2 month old but already he is looking like a boy now. When I first got him he was sooo small and his belly just looked huge next to his little head and legs, but he is getting bigger an stronger every day. I am almost reluctant to let him grow up because he is so my baby.
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