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She has MILK!!!

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Oh at last, i checked her nipples, and they've swollen up and she's started to produce a watery milk!!!!
The kittens are moving really obviously.
Does anyone have any idea how much longer?? am getting very impatient but hey at least i know it's going to happen now
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Very soon! Cats may have a watery discharge coming from their nipples 24 hours before birth! She is almost ready!
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The milk can come up to a week before! A few of my girls have milk for about 5 days before they deliver, but if this girls is a first time mom it should be within a few days.

Watch her carefully for the next few days. A lot of girls deliver at night, so check her before you go to bed.

Good luck!!!

Kai-U Persians & Himalayans
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Hello Elizabeth, my cat gave birth that night, unfortunately not all went well, there is a thread on it in health and nutrition ( sorry don't know how to post links!)
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