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I just introduced my new abyssinian, Holly

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to my resident cat, Lily. The intro went way better than expected! Holly showed no fear and matched Lily growl for growl, hiss for hiss. Lily (to my suprise) actually sat back and let Holly out of the bathroom. They have been walking and growling all over the apartment, but that is about it. They cornered each other once and did some hissing but I am shocked at how well it is going. My poor oldest cat, Blondie has "victim" written all over her. She has had every cat introduced to her, attack her. So Blondie will live upstairs by herself. I am confident that Lily and Holly will work it out and be content with each other. YAY!!
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Aww...kinda cute! I'm sure they'll be best buds in no time.

Hope Blondie does well... maybe this will be her first non-attack kitty meeting!
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Have you got some Feliway? That will make things less stressful for all of the kitties.
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No, Blondie has been subjected to too many cats that want to beat her to a pulp. A few months ago she heard a different cat I had at the time SCREAM and poor Blondie was so rattled that she developed a serious UTI that cost me almost $300 to fix! I really don't want her to get that sick again. It isn't right to do that to her. She just is so sensitive that other cats like to whale on her! She gets very nervous. Besides that, Lily has also attacked Blondie. I will never expect Blondie to get used to any other cats again. She will live the pampered high-life upstairs in my parents house, while Lily and Holly can keep each other company in my basement apartment in my parent's house. It is an awesome apartment but is lacking in windows. I have lots of artificial light and the cats can get up to look out of two small casement windows. Overall they have it (and me too) pretty good down here. I even have hot-water baseboard heat,so it is as far from a typical basement as you can get.
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in the past and it didn't make a dent. I really don't think I will need it as Lily has completely backed down to Holly (the aby) I was really suprised to see tiny little Holly stand her ground, but she did so beautifully. Lily just decided not to be bothered with her. Blondie has been the only cat I have ever owned that cannot live with other cats because of her extreme fear of them. How is Kheperha (sp?) sorry. How long did it take for your cats to accept him and can I expect any fights in the future even if things are going well today?
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I am very pleased at how well Khepera is doing. There have been no fights! If another cat gets too close or sniffs him for too long, he yells at them and hisses, and then either the other cat backs away, or hisses and backs away. He's now roaming freely through the house, with 13 other cats, and no fights, no problems!!!

Phoenix is still in quarantine, her URI is responding verrry slowly to antibiotics, although her eye infection is clearing up. She meows so longingly to go out and play with the others, and she has been touching paws with some of the others under the door. She is such a friendly cat,I know she is going to do extremely well indeed.
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