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Serial Cat killer in Colorado (serious)

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Some psychopath in Denver is killing people's cats
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Yes, it's happening here in Utah too. I posted about this a couple of weeks ago. It's just sickening.
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Very sad news that someone mentally unstable is doing this cruel act to poor innocent animals. The cat owners must be heart broken with guilt for letting their cat out and having something happen like this.....what a shame. Sure hope they catch them soon
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This is awful, I've been hearing about this on the news myself, and I have to turn it off sometimes. Have the police said if they have any leads? This just sickens me to death. Another reason why I'm glad my kitties are indoor furbabies.

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This has been happening since late last year. There was a break in the killings for a while, I presume when the killings in SLC happened. The two jurisdictions are working together, and apparently there have also been similar killings in other surrounding states. From what I have heard, they don't have any solid suspects at the moment, but have received thousands of tips. There is also a reward from the Humane Society and Dumb Friends League for tips leading to arrest and conviction.

Thank goodness Colorado enacted the felony animal abuse law. That just happened last summer. At least they have the legal means to go after this psychopath! If he's killed 40 cats, and could get 18 months and/or $100,000 fine for each case - that's a punishment I could live with.
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That is sick! I hope they go for him and give him the harshest punishment possible!

I really don't get it. A ex-friend of mine, that I hate so much because he will deliberately run over cats if he sees them. I am waiting for karma to come back and bite him on the bum threefold.
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No one will ever kill my cat because I would never let her outside.

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OMG! That is the sickest thing I have ever read. You are right Sicycat, DO NOT LET THEM OUTSIDE! I don't think I could ever rest if my cats got out. My little one ran out on the patio a few weeks ago and I almost had a heart attack! I was so paranoid that I wouldn't catch him. Whenever I have company over, I put my kitties in one room and close the door, so they have no chance of escaping. I know they say that it is part of their nature to roam, but I would rather keep them inside, then let some freak find them.
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Someone pointed out on another site that most serial killers started out by killing and mutilating animals. There is a very sick and dangerous individual out there in Denver, I hope they catch him before he hurts any more innocent animals (or starts with people).
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Last night on Fox news, the national Fox News Channel, they were doing a story on it, and they actually showed pictures of a carcuss of a cat and a head of one lying in the middle of the street. This got me very upset. They would never show a dead body on the news. I don't know the reasons behind why they did it, maybe they just wanted the image to stick in people's head so they can see how serious this is, or maybe they are just insensitive. Whatever their reasons it was sickening and it made me cry. I agree with Sisycat..Keep your cats inside..Even if this isn't happening in your area, sickos are everywhere and all it takes is for some psycho kid or adult to see the coverage on the news and get the idea to this in thier neighborhood. I hope they catch this monster(S) soon. My heart goes out to the families of these cats, as well as the cats themselves. I hope thier at Rainbow Bridge living the high life!

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I cant bear to look at the link.
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That is terrible. Someone is seriously disturbed.
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Oh no.. that's why i do not want to let my boys outside as a 24 hours. I know there are lots of sicko people who loves to play with animals for no reasons. Lots of sicko people do to animals because they knew that animals are so helpless.

Thank you for sharing this and i ll be sure to pass it to my friends who lets cats outside..

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That's terrible!!!
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Ugh, I can't read it either, it will be too upsetting
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I couldn't even read the whole artivle, it makes me sick just to think about it!
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This story really bothers me too and I hope they catch the guy soon. The good news is that now they've hired a criminal profiler on the case. This could speed up things considerably.
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At least they are really taking this seriously. I wish they had taken it this seriously last winter when it started. Instead, it takes 40 needless deaths, 40 families traumatized. I'm glad they are working together and are getting a profiler involved. I also see the reward has increased too. Last I heard it was $5000, I think. Now it's up to $12,000.
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I merged the two threads discussing the cat mutilations in Denver. I hope that is okay with everyone.
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