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Post pictures of your beautiful cat vol#2

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Thought I would start another kitty pic thread.
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This is Ripley
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This is Goldie
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This is Noodles
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This is my baby Simon.
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Thank you - thank you - thank you!
I could never have done it by myself!
Goldie is my feral and Ripley Jr. (for Hissy) is one of her babies!
Noodles came from the Bennington Vt. Shleter - she is 1 1/2 yrs old and WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOOOOOO FATTTTTTTTTTTT!

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What gorgeous pics! I love seeing pictures of the cats and their people from this site. I'd post some pics of mine but they haven't scanned very well at all. They seem to be really grainy. How have you all managed to get such clear pics up? Did you use a scanner or just upload from a digital camera?
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I use a digital camera.
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Oh what dolls they all are!!!!!!!!!
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I'd love to post some pics of Muffy, but all the files I have are too large. Since I don't have a digital camera, I have to borrow my mother's scanner (she lives in Austin), and the files always come out large. I'm working on getting a digital camera (just have to catch up on the mortgage and the car, fix the lawn mower, and get a new dryer first).

But suffice it to say, Muffy's beautiful!

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Of course, being the computer geek that I am, I will have to use up several posts to show my latest attempts at digital photography.

Here is Squirt at the dining room window.
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Joseph at the top of his world, on the cat tree.
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And lastly, Squirt exiting the atrium (or is it entering the house?) through his cat door. With this exclusive shot, we can visually perceive Squirt's own unique perspective on the world, i.e. "Don't let the cat flap hit you on the tail on your way out."

This concludes today's spectacle.
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Great Pics - I love your feeding bowls!
(and your boys are beautiful)
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Found those at Lillian Vernon. I couldn't resist because they were orange.
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Awe! They're all so precious!
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LOL, Hissy! Bacardi looks like she just got home from MeowMan's birthday party! :laughing:
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Bootsie was a yard sale reject - the runt. When we got home my husband pulled her out of his pocket. Tht was 8 yers ago. She is the queen of table begging and nothing is safe if it is in a bowl - even a salad!
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We found Red on the side of the road - dumped off. She was cold, wet and hungry. That was a nasty November day 6 yers ago. She was eating a dried up old frog that didn't make it. After some days of coaxing and a few cans of food she finally let us get close enough to snag her. Her original name was Butch - thought she was a boy, until the vet told us differently! She is a great addition to the family - the ever watchdog! Not a fire goes out during the winter, nor a stray anything come in the yard, that we don't know. She is also great at ratting out her sisters and brother when they get into things.
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help! I can never seem to get my pics to post, so I was wondering if someone would be kind enough as to let me email them to you and post them for me. would anyone be willing to help me out on this one?
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Baby is 14 now - and the most gentle cat God ever made. He has always welcomed every other furry friend who has graced our door. He makes a great mother-hen. Morris - eat your heart out!
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Lumpy is 10 now and quite the scardy-cat. She came from a client of mine who was going into a nursing home. Always timid - hates her little sister Noodles. She has the softest fur and her purr will warm your heart. On one of the kitchen chairs is her favorite place to hide! He given name is Whiskers - but she 'lumps around', ergo her family - fun name!
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Mom and little Ripley eating their supper tonight!
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again with these guys!!!!!!
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Sure wish we knew why mom spends so much time out these with those other cats!
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And here's one of mine, Michaela, relaxing on the cat tower in our bedroom.

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send it over to me; lhily@msn.com

send as many as you like

beautiful cats, everyone, WOW ! i have to get some new ones of mine, i cant wait !
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Michaela again!


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Here's my blue eyed boy, Wylie. He gets bigger every day but he's still my baby boy.
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Everyone has such beautiful babies! It is so great that we can all share pictures. So many people dote on their human children...it's so nice to see people sharing their cats off.
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