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Ear aches any home remedies out there?

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With both hubby and I out of work I cannot get anything done about this darn ear ache. I've had it for a week now and it isn't getting any better.

I've tried peroxide in the ear canal and it helps some to bring down the inflamation, but isn't wiping it out as it used to. I've even stuffed a triple antibiotic ointment into the canal trying to kill off any bacteria. I'm afraid to use alcohol cuz it will sting like the dickens and I don't think I could take it :chicken: I'm not too good with pain.

So any home remedies? It had moved past the ear drum to the inner ear and it squeeks and hurts when I yawn.
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I think I read that a blow dryer will help. I don't remember though. Go to www.webmd.com and look up ear aches. they normal have good ideas on there!
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Thank you so much I will go there right away!
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Heat up some olive oil till its warm to the touch, almost 'hot' but not too hot that it would burn. Drop 3 drops in and put a cotton ball in your ear. Do this 3 times per day for 3 days and it should relieve it.
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Just as a note, if its actually infected you will need an antibiotic. This may relieve the pain, but it will return if not treated properly.
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This one works - put pepper in your ear - my best friends mother is a nurse and does this. It worked with me and my family. I know its strange but...
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I think you need to see the vet I mean the doctor . If the infection is bad you could have some hearing damage.
Take care of yourself for your kitties
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yep, you really should go to the doc. You don't want to damange your eardrum.
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Don't mess around with ear infections. When I was a kid, I had a lot of them and have had three bad ones, within the last 15 years. I now have some calcium deposits and scarring on my right eardrum and get excrutiating pressure, when I change altitudes.
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Please,Please,Please go and see the Doctor about your ear. I waited until my eardrum ruptured about 2 years ago. My hearing is very diminished in the right ear now as a result of that. Don't wait around until that happens it is no fun at all.

The pain was so intense before the eardrum exploded afterwards the pain was a lot less but the nasty stuff coming out of the ear had a very foul odor that kept getting in my hair. I lost 2 weeks of work due to this ear infection. So Please go and see the Doctor.
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