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Big Brother 4!

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Yes, it is that time of year for another Big Brother! July 8th is the premiere! This one should get interesting - some of the houseguests will have their exes move in. here is the link Big Brother

Anyone else going to watch?
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I will definately watch, Big Brother is the one reality show that I have never missed an episode of! I can't Wait!!
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I can't wait for Big Brother. I actually have the premiere marked on the calender. This is the only reality show that I watch. Tim and I are absolutly addicted. I didn't hear that this summer the people's ex's are moving in...Yes, that sounds like some good times!! I'll be watching..

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Cool. I think I watched the first two.. I was wondering when they were going to have another one! Thanks for the heads up.
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It is normally a summer replacement show and ends in early September. Once the 1st show happens, I love going to the website for updates!
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Thats the only reality TV show that I liked to watch. I will be watching this one too. The only Survivor that I watched was the very first one, from then on it just didnt interest me. I really liked the Big Brother shows though.
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This is my fave reality show, too, although I am enjoying Last Comic Standing on this summer as well.

My spoiler and gossip source,, is not up and running for this series, bummer. The exes thing should be interesting!
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Originally posted by adymarie

Anyone else going to watch?

me! me! me!
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Originally posted by JulieB
This is my fave reality show, too, although I am enjoying Last Comic Standing on this summer as well.

I am also enjoying Last Comic Standing. Ralphy May has got to go - he scares me!
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Well? What is everyone thinking? So far I like Dana the best. Some people are looking mighty unhappy about the exes being there. I like the FBI guy, but he may be gone early if people are afraid of him. Do you think the alliance of 8 will hold up? What is with all the pretty people?
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I missed the first 40 minutes of the first show because my hubby was getting a tattoo and the girl whose appointment was before his fainted partway through, making everyone late. But I have to say until the halfway point of last night's show (Wednesday), I was thinking "I hate all these people, I might not even watch." Nearly everyone is young (or wants to be) and spoiled, and they sure don't have their game faces on. All the boohooing and "this is a nightmare" and "originals vs. exes" stuff was just making me want to scream. The originals got there a big *40 minutes* before the exes, and I'm sure it was just luck of the draw who got to go in first.

But then I remembered how fun it is to watch big egos get humbled and spoiled people get a figurative slap in the face, so I'm going to stick with it.

In that vein, I really hated Rich Vos on Last Comic Standing at the beginning, but he got humbled fairly early and is actually one of my favourites now. And much like Robin Williams, Ralphie May is funny, but just doesn't know when to turn it off. I think Dat Phan is funny, but I wouldn't want to live with him - can we say OCD? I think (and hope) Tess will win.
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Originally posted by JulieB
I think (and hope) Tess will win.
I want Dave Mordale to win - I think he is hilarious!
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I really like Dave, too, but it really depends on the audience with him. I think he appeals to a more sophisticated and cynical audience, while Tess is just flat out funny, and is better at bringing people around to her way of thinking. Dave can be a bit morose, which is not a bad thing, but not always funny to everyone. My husband and I think he's a hoot, but I know my mom and my perky young cousin just wouldn't get him...
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Did you hear that Scott (the waiter) got kicked out on the weekend because of bad behaviour. I missed the last episode with the nominations. Can anyone tell me what happened?
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That's a big long link to the E! news story, you'll probably have to copy and paste it.

In a nutshell, he said he's been a hermit for the last year due to having HPV (genital warts), and he couldn't deal with living so close with so many people suddenly, plus he is one of the ex-couples. He freaked out and started throwing furniture around, and then he wouldn't go in the diary room when requested. They're showing it on tonight's episode, and they are still evicting one of the nominees this week, no respite there.
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Thanks Julie!
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I was so bummed that Michelle got kicked out, I know that she was one of the exes but I liked her. Who does everyone want to win so far. I haven't really decided yet, I like David and Alison.
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I have watched every Big Brother show so far....could they have found a bigger bunch of jerks for this one? Sorry just my opinion. There aren't very many of them that I like. I do like Jack. Hope he wins.
I also like Justin. As for the women...I absolutely cannot stand Jun or Allison. I hope either one of them gets the next boot. My reasons...Jun....that has GOT to by self- explanitory....Allison...fake...stuck on herself...fake....ummmm...did I mention FAKE???????????

I am undecided yet about Dana and Erika. I did like Michelle alot and hated to see her go. She may have been a bit naive but she was sweet and REAL!

I'm undecided about David and Nathan as well, but can't stand Robert. I am leaning heavily on not liking David though. Don't like Gee (sp?) at all.

I know I am forgetting someone.

Wonder who Dana will put up?
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I hope its Allison that goes next week. I like Jack.
I cannot stand Jun she is the most egotistical, self centered, fake person on the show IMHO.
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Although I think Jun is a difficult egotistical princess, I have to agree with her on how spoiled a lot of the other people are. Geez, people, do a dish every now and then. It's not like you have anything else to do. I also identify with her as a chef; I think she can't be all bad if she cooks all those nice meals for everyone. I think a lot of the ego is an act, it doesn't seem natural to her. She talks a lot faster when she's being like that, and looks around a lot.

And speaking of acting, I think Robert really redeemed himself last night, his "I hate Erika" act broke down and people saw him for real, crying and missing his daughter. I think that will happen to a lot of the people in the remaining weeks, and we'll get to see who's who for real.

One thing I am enjoying about this season is that I generally have no idea what is going to happen. I don't know if the dynamic is different or if they are just editing better, but in the past I've often been right in my predictions of what is going to go down. This year I've usually had no idea, and objectively that is what makes good TV. Subjectively, I feel like a moron, since I am usually a pretty good judge of people, and wish I could predict it better.
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Who did Dana put up on Friday? I totally spaced it off and didn't watch because I was on the computer!
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Jack and Allison.

Two from the original alliance. I think now it will depend on who wins the power of Veto, and if they use it. I think Dana's attraction to one of the exes may cost her.
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Geez, is anybody still watching this, because I am and I am on baited breath to see who comes out of the cage!! LOL

Nathan sure got screwed over by that witch Allison didn't he??? He saved her from eviction with the veto but she couldn't even give him a sympathy vote???????? Not that I liked Nathan all that well, but I can't STAND Allison!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I hope Jack, Jason or Erika that order
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I can't stand Alison either.
I hope Jack or Erika will get HOH if not,I think they are gone.
I would love to see Jun and Alison up for eviction, or Robert and Jee(lol)
Oh who will come out first?
I am going to try the live feed they have so I can watch anytime.
I wonder if it is free.
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Erica won head of household. No BB4 here tonight
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It does not come on here until tomorrow.. oh I am so glad she won.
I wonder who will go up(lol)
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