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SARS relief concert in Toronto pull in the big names!

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And rumor has it U2 may come as well. Check it out and plan a trip to my fair city. Article pulled from cbc.ca

AC/DC, The Guess Who join Stones for Toronto concert
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TORONTO - The Rolling Stones will join AC/DC, The Guess Who and Justin Timberlake to headline a nine-hour music event to boost the SARS-tainted image of Toronto.

The Stones, who are headlining the Wednesday July 30th event, are interrupting their European tour to perform for Toronto.

"We're very happy to tell you we're coming to play on July 30 in a great concert for the people and city of Toronto to help bring back the energy to our favorite city," Mick Jagger said Tuesday in a videotaped statement played at a downtown square where the concert was officially announced.

Organizers hope to attract 450,000 people to the event, with 150,000 tickets allocated to the U.S. Tickets will go on sale Friday and be priced at $21.50.

The grocery chain A&P and Dominion has already purchased 240,000 tickets for the Molson's sponsored concert and will re-sell them to the public on July 4 at their 150 stores across the province.

Dan O'Neill, president and CEO of Molson Inc., said he will be letting his employees out early for the Wednesday concert and challenged other CEOs to do the same.

Other acts include Sam Roberts, The Flaming Lips, Kathleen Edwards, The Isley Brothers, Sass Jordan and La Chicane.

Dan Akroyd and Jim Belushi will host the event, which will run from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. It will be staged at the Downsview Park in Toronto - the same venue where the Pope held World Youth Day celebrations last summer.

Deputy Prime Minister John Manley joined Mayor Mel Lastman and other officials for the announcement.

Manley said the concert will send a message to the world that Toronto is back. He also talked about the importance of attracting American tourists to the event.

"Let this be the biggest invasion of Canada from the United States since the War of 1812. Bring them on."

Proceeds, after expenses, and one dollar from every ticket sold will go to health care and hospitality workers.

The government will chip in $3.5 million to cover infrastructure expenses, with the private sector covering the rest of the $11 million price tag.

Toronto Liberal MP Dennis Mills, who spearheaded the concert, said one goal is to fill the 95,000 hotel and motel spaces from Niagara to Oshawa during the event.

Mills said the event will also feature a huge barbecue to help promote Canadian beef in the wake of the discovery of mad cow disease in an Alberta cow.
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Holy Moley! That sounds like a great show! Darn, I'm flying out to Ohio like 4 days after the concert. Too bad I already bought the ticket, because I would plan around that if I hadn't.
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Heidi... you could look into changing your ticket. (*evil grin*). It's far enough away still, there might be a very small penalty! ...though that is a lot of days (and hotel/meal expense) to fill up before you're due in Ohio....
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We are only a 6 hour drive from Ohio!
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Unfortunately, with the car rental, meals and lodging, I already know I can't swing it.
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