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4th of July Plans??

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What are you doing, on the Fourth?

This will be the first time, in several years, that I don't have to work on the 4th. Bill is going to grill a slab of ribs and make macaroni salad. Later, we are going to park somewhere and watch the fireworks.

The city shoots them off, from an isolated mountain on the edge of downtown so, the fire danger is minimal and easily contained.

Yesterday, someone near my work was shooting off firecrackers. With the current fire situation, that is stupid. Not to mention, personal fireworks are illegal in AZ.
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Jake and I were going to go camping at Outer Banks with some friends, but we changed our minds - the car isnt behaving itsself at the moment.
However, we have been invited by some friends of ours to go to her new house and theres some kind of bash going on. May go there.
I am not too fussed on fireworks, but will watch if from inside
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I have to work . So there ya go!
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Me too! I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
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A Vietnam vet, in Phoenix, is pitching a fit over a fireworks show. He is claiming that fireworks will trigger his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and that the city should have consulted with local veterans, before planning the event. It is being held in a park, near the VA hospital and Veterans' Home.

The city DID speak with VA hospital administration and they say that the psychiatric ward is soundproof and staff is trained and prepared to deal with any patients, who react adversely. As for the Veterans' Home, the residents are looking forward to the show.

Not to denigrate anyone's military service but, I think that this guy is one of those who has been milking his Vietnam experience. There are too many guys, who blame all of their problems on being in Vietnam. There are far more Vietnam vets, like Bill and my dad, who came home and went on with their lives and don't make excuses for anything.
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That is a shame. Did the VA hospital let the patients know? And I am sure that the wards are soundproof - aren't most hospital rooms soundproof anyway? I wouldnt know
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Our friends invited us over for a BBQ - with their families! LOL Kinda funny, she got wrangled into doing the family thing, but really wanted to spend the 4th with friends, so we're going over there. We've met and spent time with their families before, and they are all pretty nice. Then we will go with them to the big fireworks display, and probably come back to their place and have our own little celebration. More rum & diet cokes around the fire (they have an outdoor fire thingie in their backyard).
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Sounds like you will have a blast Heidi. Outdoor fire thingies are the best!
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Forth of July is one of my favorites. I love summertime barb-b-q's. We're going to Tim's brother-in-law's mom's house..Did everyone get that? hahaha...WE're all pretty close to his family and they're just as fun to hang out with as our friends..So, all our family will be there and we're all bringing some friends..It should be fun. The guys always start there annual fire wars, which drives me nuts, and this will be the first 4th of JUly with Aubrey, Tim's niece..So fun...good people, fireworks, food..and alcohol...Ingredients to make a fun holiday!
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I think I'm going to my boyfriends parents house for bbq and poolside! I'm excited because they have a cat and I have yet to meet him Oh and my brother gave me a buttload of fireworks!

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I am working since in Canada we celebrate July 1st as Canada Day! I hope that all of my American friends have a safe, fun and happy Independance Day!
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Staying home, trying to keep the horses calm and the dog out of the shower! She cowers in there every 4th of july. I finally gave up and bought her a nice soft bed to fit in there so she can at least be comfortable!
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It is Ted 's mom 90th birthday,so we are having a birthday party here,(YA)then we will take her back to the home and then we are taking the kid's to the fireworkes.
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I am taking my son to the San Diego County fair. It will be crowded, but at least it is next to the ocean...nice breeze...not too should be a very full day!
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I'm just staying home and maybe doing some scrapbooking. A very good friend & coworker is leaving for medical school next month and I'm making him a scrapbook with everyones pictures (from work) and quotes/advise from each person. So I think I better take advantage of the long weekend and work on it!

I live right behind the park where they do the fireworks so I'll have my best friend over and her kids to watch fireworks at night.
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I'm so excited since I actually get a three day weekend! Tomorrow night, Amy & I are going to Karaoke. It should be a good time! Then on Friday, I'll spend most of my time & MONEY at our tradional Flea Market. It's HUGE! The entire park is full of they always have my favorite snack Funnel Cakes!

Then that evening, my Mom, brother Marc, his best friend Cory (who lives 6 hours away) and I will go to the park once again to watch the firework show. They always put on a good one! Then Saturday night, I'll be home watch the Pepsi 500...GO DALE JR!!
And then Sunday will be the day to relax and do nothing!
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have fun shell!!!!!!! You are due!!!!!!
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I'm trying to talk Bill into karaoke, tomorrow night. We haven't been, since december and neither of us has to get up, friday morning.
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my husband and i are going to his siters place for a family get together, have a big cook out and games,lots of fireworks, this is a every year thing, but i love it, lots of fun hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th
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I'm going to enjoy my day off!!! Will probably be a typical non-work day; play with cats, fend off cats while I eat lunch, nap with cats, brush cats, brush cats' teeth, take cats for walks in yard...

I hope the neighbors don't have a party. Their son (about 19-20 yrs old) listens to LOUD (and frequently obscene) rap/hip hop music and I don't want to listen to that all day.
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Well, for me, since I am now in Australia, I'll be wishing I was back home in the US for the 4th of July. That's about all I can do, is wish. LOL!


Much Ado About Cats
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I plan to spend most of my time studying for two exams on Tuesday.

I may spend sometime weeding my flowerbeds ... :flower:

I may go to my girlfriend's on Saturday and spend the day with her family at the pool. I've known her and her family for 30 years. They are such a riot!
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I'm going to a friend's house where we're having a cookout. I'm in charge of the tortellini salad and chocolate/peanutbutter chip cookies. I think we may go watch a fireworks display afterwards.
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