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Wendy and vanila ice cream

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wedny loves vanila ice cream every time my bf has ice cream she goes nuts and starts licking it . i just want to know if it is ok for her and when you tell her no she goes to grab it w\\ her paw is it ok if she has some once in a while she is a crazy cat
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It is only okay if very small amounts and not all the time. Cats are carnivores and they need proteins and fats, not sugars and carbs. If you want to give her something she will enjoy, cook up a small bowl of oatmeal and let her indulge in that. Or just small scraps of meat would be good, but not a lot of junk food.
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When I was growing up we had a tabby that used to love ice cream. I usually got ice cream on a stick - I would lick on one side and he on the other. I think mom even has a picture of it!
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My guys beg for ice-cream too, I end up giving them a lick or two, I know it's not good for them, but they are crazy for it!!! Roxy does the paw thing too, in fact we didn't know she was crazy for ic-cream when we first got her, and so happened the first time we had ice cream with her there, it was with a friend of my husbands and she attacked his bowl! We had no idea she would do this, it was funny for us, but the guy wasn't so thrilled, he was scared to eat it afterwards...
we have ofcourse now trained her not to go to peoples bowls!!!! LOL
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One of our kitties loves Dulce de Leche ice cream. I think hubby keeps on buying that same flavor cuz he knows she likes it so much. He shares his ice cream cone with her. : She likes to lick out the band of caramel and her eyes get crossed.

As long as there is no chocolate, and as long as it's an occasional treat (just like humans should only eat ice cream as an occasional treat) it's perfectly fine.
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Zoey likes Twix Ice Cream bars!

But ya, I only let her have a couple of licks as a treat
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Yea Wendy goes crazy when ever my bf has ice cream i think she smells it cause she will me in another room and as soon as he starts licking it she comes running in the room . it is so cute :flash: :flash:
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