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Innova & Felidae.... healthy, but no hair ball control?

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What can i do to help my kitties with their furballs?
Innova and Felidae do not say anything about furball control?

So lately i've noticed that Bobbie has had a few furballs and mythie is in the process of coughing her first hair ball up...

They never had this problem with Royal Canine, but i don't want to change back to royal canine as i prefer the ingredients in Innova, and the cats seem to like it better anyway....

Do i use a liquid hairball remedey or will fish oil do?
If so, how much?
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I like to use the fish oils with vitamins from the vet or pet store. Either oil, generally you use about 1/4 to 1/2 ml. I find that it's much easier if you put it on the food if they like it
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Only one of mine ever gets hairballs (he just coughed up 2 of them today ) but he never seems to get them while he is on Innova. I've heard of others using canned pumpkin to help with hairballs...though I can't say I've ever tried it.
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well, i guess i better get some fish oil...
I was quite surprised that bobbie had a hair ball ....
WHat type of innova do you feed?
Our's doesn't say anything about hair ball control so i will assume for the moment that not saying anything about it, means it doesn't exist....
I could be wrong though.
That said i'm thinking of swapping them to felidae.
it has SO much stuff in it.
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I can recommend the Felidae, but it also doesn't have "hairball control". Have you tried malt paste? I usually just make cat grass available at all times, but I've also heard pumpkin (which JC loves, particularly when it's baked and still a bit warm - I've always used fresh pumpkin, but I guess canned would do just fine) or a little bit of thistle oil on the food.
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Well, I use the regular Adult Innova....I swear, never any hairballs when Im using it..though that could just be coincidence.
If you notice, many of the hairball type foods have higher amounts of fiber. Extra fiber is supposed to help them pass hairballs and that is where adding pumpkin comes in. Pumpkin is loaded with fiber and many cats seem to like it..you can add this fiber without changing foods.
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my kitties are 2 years old and have not coughed up a fur ball yet..i feed them innova, and i give them cat grass regularly so i think that helps with the fur balls!
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I just switched back to Innova from Chickens Soup (not because I didnt like it but because I rotate brands)...last week my longhaired male coughed up 2 hairballs each day for 3 days in a row. They are now fully switched back to Innova...hopefully the lack of hairballs will prove not to be just coincidence.
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