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American Top Models

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Ok I admit, I am suckered into this show. I missed the last part of it though. Anyone watching it want to tell me if Robin or Shannon got cut? I have to say I love this show!
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Yay! I thought I was the only one who watched Robin got cut. I thought she was great ... up until this last episode. Her behavior was particularly ugly ... towards the other models, and towards some Parisians in the modeling biz. So, I think the judges made the right decision.
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I love this show too! I completely missed it though because of a last minute dinner with my in-laws. According to the previews they were going to have to pose nude. Did they, and how did Shannon & Robin handle it?
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OK, I watch it too. How much you want to bet Shannon will win? I was rather surprised by the final 4-2 not your traditional pretty girls, a plus sized woman and the all-American girl. But, I think all-American is going to win (and the one judge, Angie Dickinson(?) is a b****).
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Shannon and Robin refused to model nude. I had to laugh though, Robin with all her reading the Bible at every turn, won't pose nude because the "body is the temple" and sacred, so what was that about her shaking her nude from the waist up body at that one man? I was on the phone with a client and didn't catch all of that? Someone fill me in on that one?

I want Elise to win. Shannon reminds me of Farrah Fawcet....shudder!
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Man, I have GOT to get cable. I'm missing out on some goood shows
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Cassandra, it's not on cable. It's on UPN or WB (pretty sure it's UPN).
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Come on would someone end the suspense? LOL What happened and how did she get busted? No pun intended! LOL
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Okay, here's the scoop. Shannon and Robin refused the "simulated nudity" shoot, Shannon was crying and appeared a bit traumatized at the idea of doing this, and I think was happy to follow Robin's lead - I could respect Robin's decision and what she said, but she was loud about it, and spent most of the show looking angry, not being nice at all to Adrienne (who wanted during their off-time to go see Jim Morrison's grave, Robin and Shannon wanted to shop. Robin would not compromise as Elyse asked - she would not go with the group and then have the group go shopping).

Besides their simulated nude photoshoot, the other two tasks were 1)to be dressed in coutoure gowns, and go out with 4 Frenchmen who would rate them on how they handled themselves as ladies in couture gowns..how they handled the social aspect of being a model. Robin was stunningly graceless..she refused to talk to her "date", refused to eat anything, and in the limo on the way to dinner, spent her time reading her bible...it was rude and she again, looked angry the whole time.

2) to dress in a couture dress, do make-up and hair in about 15 mintues, and then present themselves to the judges.

The reason I believe Robin was cut at this time, was not her stand on whether or not she'd ever pose nude, it was that Tyra saw her lean out of her dressing room, half nude and essentially shake her upper equipment at their make-up guy. It wasn't a goof, and it was deliberate. Between that, her poor performance during her social event that led to her being cut...it was her attitude, not her stand or her faith, that got her cut.

Interestingly, Adrienne won the social event, and she is coming on very strong in the competition. I still believe and hope that the winner will be Elyse.

and that's the scoop, as I saw it.

Pat and Alix P. Curl
the Plain Brown Tabby folks
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Thank you Pat! I now dub you Recap Queen!
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You are welcome! Boy, we are both up late!

Pat and Alix P. Curl
Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats
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Comes with the job *G* My day starts now, as it is Anne's morning-
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Of course Adrienne is going to win - she has my name. I have not watched this show. I am trying to cut back on my reality tv, as my hubby thinks I watch too much of it!
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Well if Elyse couldn't win I am glad Adrienne won! Both her and Shannon blew me away at the fashion show. They looked great! I thought it rude of that one judge to suggest she take diction lessons now that she won the contest. It was a great show.
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I missed when Elyse got booted, so when I saw Adrienne and Shannon were the final 2, I thought "OK, Miss All-America is going to win". I was happy Adrienne won, and although her voice (or monotone) bothered me earlier, she seemed to finally show some emotion. I think it's great that the rocker chick won!
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